Kahraman Exhibition At Katara Showcases High-Quality Types of Beads

Kahraman Exhibition At Katara Showcases High-Quality Types of Beads By Aulia Silva - December 13, 2022
Kahraman Exhibition At Katara Showcases High Quality Types of Beads

Beads at the Kahraman Exhibition

The 'Kahraman' exhibition in Building 15 was reopened at its new location after making expansions to accommodate the services provided by the Katara Kahraman Center, which is considered as one of the prominent landmarks at the Katara Cultural Village.

Twelve local exhibitors are participating in the exhibition displaying different types of beads from various sources including Polish and Ukrainian ones, as well as artifacts (Fnatec) of different sizes and shapes.

The exhibition provides amateurs with the finest types of amber from the most famous producing countries, in various shapes. There are oval, rosin and circular amber. It also provides many services to amateurs and amber dealers, such as the service of doubt, and the service of professional photography for all types of amber. The center also provides the service of an amber laboratory equipped with the latest equipment to assess the quality of amber ore with high accuracy and grant a quality certificate to those interested. Within the programs of the Katara Amber Center, training workshops are held for those interested, and these include the workshops travelling to the most famous karam-producing countries to see all stages of production.

It should be noted that Katara annually holds the Katara International Amber Exhibition, which was suspended during the past two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the exhibition sessions are expected to resume next year 2023.


By Aulia Silva - December 13, 2022

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