Israel says Hamas decision to accept ceasefire deal is a 'ruse'

Israel says Hamas decision to accept ceasefire deal is a 'ruse' By A Robin - May 07, 2024
Gaza ceasefire

Gaza ceasefire

Hamas says it has accepted a ceasefire deal proposed by Egypt and Qatar - as Israel suggests it will not accept the proposal in its current form.

The Palestinian militant group has issued a statement saying its supreme leader, Ismail Haniyeh, had expressed his agreement in a phone call with Qatar's prime minister and Egypt's intelligence minister.

Mr Haniyeh said in a call with Qatar's head of state that Israel should "seize the moment" and accept the proposal.

It comes as Iran's foreign minister Hossein Amirabdollahian said Mr Haniyeh told him the "ball is now in Israel's court".

A Hamas official has said the group will send a delegation to visit the Egyptian capital Cairo to discuss the ceasefire proposal and the next steps.

However, an Israeli official has said Hamas has agreed to a "softened" proposal which is "not acceptable to Israel".

The official added that Hamas' announcement "appears to be a ruse to cast Israel as the side refusing a deal".

Egypt and Qatar have been mediating months of talks between Hamas and Israel.

By A Robin - May 07, 2024

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