Is Different Parenting Styles Ruining Marriage?

Is Different Parenting Styles Ruining Marriage? By Janeena Thattath - December 02, 2021
Is Different Parenting Styles Ruining Marriage

Parenting Styles

Parenthood is one of the gratifying experiences that can be a wonderful opportunity to guide another human being's development into a happy, stable and successful person.

The factors which adds on to Parenting challenges is different Parenting Styles. Each parent has a set of values that they would like to imprint on their children. When these are significantly different it can lead to dispute between partners and difficulties in making Parenting decisions.

Differing Styles in raising up a child can cause major problems in Marriage and a great deal of stress for that child. The transition to parenthood is easy for some couples and it strengthen their marital relationships while for some it can be a time of tiredness and stress that cause them to become distant and withdrawn , as there’s less time for each other is the major factor.

Spending quality time with each other is one of the best way to solve a thousands of problems we face in our daily life.

Exhibiting care, compassionate,  appreciate and respect each other are base of a happy married life. More over understanding and communicating each and every thing are more relevant for keeping a pleasant atmosphere beside us.

Consider a situation when we and our spouse have different parenting styles about how to raise our children, this ultimately leads to many disagreements and major issues in marriage and thus a great deal of stress for our children.

In Parenting styles there are mainly four types and these include authoritarian, authoritative ,permissive and uninvolved. Authoritarian parents have strict rules and punishments and believe children should be obedient and responsive to their demands.

While Authoritative parents which are considered more effective have rules that they want their children to obey. But they are more flexible, same time they are also nurturing and forgiving when a rule is broken.

Permissive parents make few demands on their children simultaneously indulgent and have low expectations of their children ‘s ability to have self control and regulate their emotions, on other hand act more like a friend than a parent to their child.

Uninvolved parents persume low expectations and place few demands on their children,  with this Parenting style tend to be detached from what is going on with their children. So here each one of us can analyse to which category we fall and understand our own Parenting style.

As such we can find ways to focus on the positive and best. Thus avoid some of the negative manifestations that can occur, same way this enables to share one’s Parenting expectations with their partner and how to raise one’s child.

As we all know supporting each other in a marital relationship is significant,  as far as children are considered discussing any disagreement in front of them and arguing about their Parenting in their presence will make the child to undermine our partners authorities.

Thus support each other and share which we disagree in private which can make a joint discussion on the best way to handle things. Flexibility in our views and beliefs are important so as to avoid conflict in relations. The more flexible adjusting with Parenting style, the easier it will be for effectively meet our child ‘s need.

Eventhough individual’s differs so as their styles in all matters with some effort each one can bring up children effectively and have a peaceful relationship. Most  rewarding job in the entire world is Parenting. It’s a known fact that there is no perfection when it comes to Parenting.

So, solve the issues by focusing on care, showing them love ,concern, ampathy as consistent as possible and acting as a unified front. Remember marriage and children are a blessing and something grateful for. The balancing act of keeping it all together isn’t always helpful but there is help out ways for you if you nee it.As  a parent we must take care of our children emotionally as well as physically same time must balance the married life which is a lifetime commitment.

By Janeena Thattath - December 02, 2021

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