Introducing Triumph’s All-New Smart Innovation: Lift Smart

Introducing Triumph’s All-New Smart Innovation: Lift Smart By Qatar Day - May 23, 2024

Spring/Summer’24 Collection

Introducing Triumph’s All-New Smart Innovation: Lift Smart

This Spring/Summer’24 sees Triumph unveil its much-anticipated Lift Smart bra – the latest addition to its Smart collection of high-tech and ultra-comfortable lingerie, designed to support and adapt intuitively to all bodies.

True to its name, Lift Smart, not only adapts to individual body shapes and sizes; it is engineered to provide a natural lifting effect of the bust, creating a silhouette that is as flattering as it is stylish. 

Crafted with a revolutionary one-piece seamless lace that emulates women’s curves, Lift Smart boldly marks the debut of Triumph’s first truly decorative series within its Smart collection and sets a new standard for personalised comfort and bespoke fit. 

Triumph’s Smart collection stands out as a true game-changer. Utilising innovative materials and ground-breaking engineering, each Smart series within the range intuitively and intelligently adapts to the unique contours of a woman’s body. As our bodies undergo daily changes – from fluctuating weights to changes in breast size – Triumph’s Smart collection of bras step in as loyal companions, intuitively interacting with women’s bodies to provide continuous support and unparalleled comfort.
Triumph has pioneered a full wardrobe of Smart products and Lift Smart joins Fit Smart, Flex Smart and Shape Smart – each individually designed to cater to the different needs of women, on different occasions.

Triumph’s Global Head of Merchandising and Product, Patrizia Milani ,says “It is still so rare to find lingerie nowadays that is so intuitive to women’s life with just the right level of support and utmost comfort (this is the ‘always-on’ bra challenge in fact, even more so for the wireless offer). Just as technology progresses, we strive to innovate lingerie that can intuitively adapt to women’s bodies, meeting their evolving needs. Lift Smart stands as the latest pinnacle of our innovation journey, marrying style and comfort with fit and cutting-edge technology that provides a natural lifting effect, flattering women’s unique body shapes”

Triumph’s inherent brand values champion the celebration of all women’s individuality; thus it has chosen the illustrious Hailey Clauson to front its Lift Smart campaign. Hailey is co-owner of Margaux modelling agency and a champion for diversity and inclusion within the industry, perfectly aligning with Triumph’s values. 

With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Triumph’s new Lift Smart series sets a new standard in modern lingerie design, providing unparalleled fit, support and comfort with exceptional style.

By Qatar Day - May 23, 2024
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