Instagram Automation 2022: What Is It and How It Works?

Instagram Automation 2022: What Is It and How It Works? By Taimor Hussain - April 12, 2022
Instagram Automation  2022

Instagram Automation 2022

Instagram automation is a popular strategy used by Instagram users to help them carry out multiple tasks with ease. The strategy involves the use of various tools to not only carry out tasks on Instagram but also manage and interact with users.

Therefore if you have a busy schedule and lack adequate time to run your Instagram account, automation is a perfect option. Plus, you can save time and make your life easier by using the right Instagram automation tools.

As many brands continue to embrace Instagram to market their brands, it is becoming challenging for most users to grow their profiles. As such, the advent of Instagram automation makes it easy for users to not only manage their social profiles but also build a relationship with other users.

It is now easier to manage front and back-end tasks related to your social media account without having to hire a dedicated social media manager. This includes scheduling social media posts, republishing popular articles, and curating trending posts among other tasks.

In this article, we explore what Instagram automation entails.

What Is Instagram Automation?

Instagram automation is bots that carry out various social media tasks on behalf of users. Such tasks include sending bulk direct messages, scheduling upcoming posts, commenting on your behalf, following and liking posts.

Automating an Instagram account makes it easy to improve engagement, and posting and eliminates the time you could have spent engaging with your audience. Depending on the software you choose to use, Instagram automation comes with tons of benefits if used correctly.

For example, autoresponder tools like email marketing platforms have their work cut out. In this case, you can set up your platform to deliver email newsletters to the target audience. The bottom line is that you should identify the right tools to avoid going against Instagram community standards.

Failure to comply with Instagram community standards can lead to account closure. Even though Instagram automation is effective in running your Instagram account, it is important to understand how to use them to get good results.

Actions You can Automate on Instagram

There are two major categories of Instagram automation tools that you need to know. 

Backend and Frontend Automation tools.

Frontend Automation Tools
This category of tools is used to improve engagement through increasing likes, viewing stories, interacting with the audience, and leaving comments. This can not only help build your community but also make Instagram advertising profitable.

Backend Automation Tools
Backend automation tools are used by marketers in hashtags, reporting, and analytics. 

How To Automate Your Instagram Account


You can automate actions in your Instagram account by using an array of tools. In this case, you can use automation tools to uncover underused customer segments that haven't been exploited including relevant hashtags and followers.
In return, you can use the hashtags to not only nurture existing leads but also discover prospects. 

Instagram Bots

Instagram bots enable users to automate engagement across the social media platform. Considering transformation in the digital space, Instagram has become a popular platform that brands use to engage with their audience.

However, the role of various bots is dependent on the type of business you are operating. These bots can be programmed to make comments, like posts, follow new profiles, create direct messages, answer polls and make comments.

Typically, Instagram bots handle all aspects of running your Instagram account on your behalf. This strategy is effective for users who want to build a strong social media presence and have no time.

Additionally, Instagram bots come with the automation factor which is a major element needed by most brands to help them run their Instagram platform. With Instagram bots, you can effectively interact with your target audience via Instagram bots.

Here is how to automate your Instagram account.

Social Listening

Automating social listening enables users to discover topics and hashtags that your audience talks about most of the time. This could range from keywords to infographics, testimonial videos, and many others.

All you need is to pay attention to what the audience is talking about. In return, you can easily tell the type of content that your audience likes to align your content strategy based on what they want.

Social Scheduling

Instagram automation will inform the next content that you should publish. With Instagram automation, you can as well tell what time your audience is active and engaged. When you schedule your content effectively, you can easily achieve your objectives.

Plus, social scheduling enables you to develop baseline standards of productivity and success. Additionally, social scheduling helps you keep track of all your social activities from one place.

Much like any automation tool, Instagram automation not only helps marketers increase engagement but also creates content from an informed point of view. However, automation can also help you uncover better audience insights. In other words, bots can distinguish patterns that human beings can. This ranges from interaction patterns, preferences and hashtags.

Getting to understand your audience not only helps you personalize your message but also grows your follower count and generates more leads for your brand. Therefore, if you find it challenging to generate leads for your business, it's high time you consider automating your Instagram account.

Although Instagram automation is an ideal way of growing your account, it can have disastrous results if not done the right way. This is because going against Instagram community standards may risk being banned from the platform. In that regard, you should strive to use the right tools to avoid running into trouble with Instagram.

It's important to note that Instagram automation doesn't aim to replace the role of social media managers. To get the most out of social media automation, you should aim to set up an automation that works best for your brand.

If you are struggling to choose the right Instagram automation tool, here are a few factors you can consider when choosing one.

Here is an array of Instagram bots and  their role.

Automated following 

This type of bot aims at ensuring people you follow in the same niche are likely to follow you back. This improves the visibility of your page resulting in more following.

Likes and Comments  for Other People's Posts

Comments and likes bots can comment and like posts of influencers from your niche. As such, more people are likely to find you which improves the visibility of your brand.

Comments and likes for your posts

This bot triggers engagement through commenting and liking your posts. The trick is ideal for grabbing the attention of users which fuels more engagement.

#1. Use The Right Tools

Choosing the right Instagram automation tools goes a long way in not only growing your portfolio but also increasing engagement.


Instagram automation has become a common trend among many Instagram users. Today most brands now leverage the power of automation to increase likes, send direct messages, and schedule posts as well as comments.

Unlike earlier when social media users had to spend a considerable amount of time growing their profile, you can easily grow your Instagram account thanks to social media automation bots and tools.

While it is not a bad idea to use Instagram bots in increasing likes and followers, you should invest time and effort in engaging the audience directly. This not only gives credibility to your Instagram account but also builds trust with the target audience.

By Taimor Hussain - April 12, 2022

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