Information on Pre-Employment Orientation Seminar online for OFWs

Information on Pre-Employment Orientation Seminar online for OFWs By Ruchi Singh - November 14, 2019
Information on Pre Employment Orientation Seminar online for OFWs

Information on Pre-Employment Orientation Seminar online for OFWs

The Pre-Employment Orientation Seminar Online (PEOS) service is provided by POEA for the individuals who wish to work abroad. It provides valuable information with respect to abroad work and above all, it protects workers from illegal recruiters.

Once the candidates creates an account at the POEA, they have to study the modules to have the capacity to answer some guide questions. Only by accurately answering the questions the candidate will be able to continue and have the PEOS certificate. 

As cited on, more information on the Pre-Employment Orientation (PEOS) Seminar Online is given below

The POEA requires those applying for abroad work to attend the Pre-Employment Seminar Online (PEOS). By taking this online seminar, the candidate will get some information about what can be expected about working abroad. 

Steps to begin using PEOS: 

Register – make an account on the This will let the candidate access to the learning modules. 

Take the learning modules – the candidate need to understand 8 modules containing required information about overseas employment. It takes around 7 minutes to finish every module. 

Review learning – toward the end of every module, there will be some review questions. Candidate must be able to answer 3 questions correctly to proceed to the next module 

Print your PEOS certificate – after successfully finishing the modules, a PEOS certificate will be issued that will be required for the pre-work prerequisites of POEA 

Learning Modules

The eight modules has recordings and slide introductions with respect to the topic, towards the end of the every module there are few guide questions. The modules are accessible in English and Tagalog variants. The modules are mentioned below for a clear understanding

PRICEST – Provides general information like physical mobility, relationships, expenses, income, career development and direction, skill sets, and time. 

Search of employment – advises the distinctive approaches to find employment abroad, required documents and the significance of having an OEC 

Forewarned, Forearmed – provides information on ways to not fall in the trap of illegal recruiters and the distinctive types of illegal recruitment. 

Get the Prices Right – presents a list of required charges, for example, placement fees and other government-mandated charges 

Seal the deal – talks about the minimum provisions that are required in a standard overseas work contract 

Get Country Cozy – gives information, for example, climate, food, clothing standard, general way of life on one's potential work environment. It additionally gives a few updates on social media etiquette’s and in addition on internet usage to abstain from getting stuck in an unfortunate situation with managers. 

Staying Healthy and Keeping Safe – examines security concerns and health risks that an OFW may experience 

POEA – Caring all the way – provides directory of the POEA provincial offices and extension units

By Ruchi Singh - November 14, 2019

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