Indian man cheats 50 women using matrimonial app

Indian man cheats 50 women using matrimonial app By A Robin - June 11, 2023
Matrimonial app

Matrimonial app

Accused opened job placement agency in Bengaluru named ‘Smart Hire Solution’

A 55-year-old man has been arrested for allegedly cheating 50 women of millions of rupees after marrying them through different matrimonial websites over a period of 20 years, police said here on Friday.

Tapesh, a native of Jamshedpur, was arrested by the Gurugram police on Thursday from Odisha.

The accused first married in 1992 in Kolkata and has two daughters. He disappeared in the year 2000, leaving behind his wife and daughters.

In connection with the matter, the police said that a case was filed by a woman in Gurugram recently, in which she alleged that she met the accused through a marriage app and the duo solemnised marriage.

But after three days of marriage, the accused cheated the woman of Rs 2 million, including jewellery, and fled.

During the probe, the police came to know that in the meantime the accused went to Bengaluru and opened a job placement agency named ‘Smart Hire Solution’.

The accused there used to cheat young men and women on the pretext of getting a job, but when this act of cheating did not last long, he started dating divorced, widowed and married women through the Shaadi app. He started getting into relationship with middle-aged women and started cheating on them.

“The accused has so far married more than 50 women in the last 20 years and duped them. The accused was arrested at the drug de-addiction centre in Odisha. He will be taken into police custody for further probe,” said a senior police officer.

By A Robin - June 11, 2023

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