Indian Embassy Response to the Statement Issued by Qatar MOFA on An Offensive Tweet in India

Indian Embassy Response to the Statement Issued by Qatar MOFA on An Offensive Tweet in India By A Robin - June 05, 2022
Indian Embassy in Doha

Indian Embassy in Doha

The Indian embassy in Doha on Sunday responded to the Qatar foreign ministry’s criticism of derogatory remarks made by now-suspended BJP spokespersons Nupur Sharma and Naveen Jindal against Prophet Mohammed and said the comments ‘do not in any manner reflect the views’ of the Indian government.

“Ambassador conveyed that the tweets do not, in any manner, reflect the views of the Government of India. These are the views of fringe elements,” a statement from the Indian Embassy read.

“In line with our civilisational heritage and strong cultural traditions of unity in diversity, Government of India accords the highest respect to all religions. Strong action has already been taken against those who made the derogatory remarks,” it added.

It further said a statement has been issued by the Indian government emphasising the country's equal respect for all religions. “Vested interests that are against India - Qatar relations have been inciting the people using these derogatory comments,” it added.

A huge row has erupted at a global level over controversial religious comments made by Nupur Sharma and Naveen Jindal. Soon after, the BJP took stern action and suspended Sharma from its primary membership, while it expelled Jindal, the party's Delhi media head.

Several complaints have been filed against the two spokespersons, while anger is boiling up over the past few days in Muslim-dominated middle eastern countries.

Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia – all of which have very close ties with India and are home to millions of expatriates – have strongly condemned the comments and a tweet by the BJP leaders.

By A Robin - June 05, 2022

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