Increasing Brand Awareness with Custom Packaging

Increasing Brand Awareness with Custom Packaging By Mehak Kataria - June 25, 2021
Increasing Brand Awareness with Custom Packaging

Increasing Brand Awareness with Custom Packaging

With the marketing industry evolving and everyone doing everything to improve their brand and be heard amidst the saturated industry,  custom boxes with logo  are just one of the ways in which brands are pushing their products out in the eyes of their customers.

By creating custom packaging you give your customers a feel for and of your brand and leave a memorable mark. This means if a customer buys from you or even sees your packaging from a friend’s, the next time they want to buy the same product they will return it to you.

Or have you forgotten how many times you bought something from the same brand just because their packaging was exceptional? It is the same thing. Here are more ways to maximize your brand’s image with custom packaging and designs;


When you choose custom packaging, it is a way to help your customers identify with your business. You are more likely to bring in more and new customers if you are consistent and cohesive with your branding and marketing. It plays an essential role in your customer’s decision-making process.

This is because it is not just about boxing and tapping. Custom branding goes a long way as far as passing a message to your customers, giving your customers ideas about your brand and sparking some curiosity, communicating your company’s core values and mission, and more.  

Spark Conversations

So many times, so many conversations have been started just by a box lying on the ground or a ribbon on the table. When your branding is recognizable, it can’t help but spark some kind of excitement and conversation amongst your already existing customers. And the more your brand is being talked about, the higher chances you are likely to bring in more new customers.

Tell Your Brand's Story

Custom boxing and packaging are not all just about brown boxes and tapes. It is about colors, messages, stories, and of course passing your values to your customers. It goes a long way to communicate what your company is all about. The words, images, and logos on the boxes are all a form to tell your story. And, it is memorable.

Analyze Feedback from Customers

Custom boxes also help you experiment with your customers. Whether they are helping in bringing in more business or if they are not making a difference, they can help you identify loopholes for improvement, find out what is working and what’s not, and help you make the necessary adjustments.

Create Packaging for Specific Times and Seasons of the Year

One of the best things about custom packaging is that you can also make exceptions during exceptional times of the year. This includes holidays like Halloween, Christmas, thanksgiving, and more. It also makes it easy for you to personalize presents such as for birthdays and graduations.

How to Choose the Best Custom Packaging Boxes

If you are just getting started and you are a little overwhelmed, here are some tips to help you choose the best packaging boxes;

Understanding your Products

The first step towards choosing the right custom boxes is by understanding your products; what is the nature of your product, the material it is made with, how about climate concern, the size or quantity. Once you understand these, you will be in a better position to make better decisions.

The Type of Boxes

The next thing you want to look at is the type of boxes. You should know that there are multiple different types of boxes and packaging. Understanding your products’ packaging needs will go a long way to help you decide what kind of packaging box you need.

Innovation and Designs

There are many things that are going to make up your final package look. This includes your logo, your message, labels, and all the mix of colors and patterns. You have to choose a box that will be able to accommodate all that, and still look beautiful and presentable. 

By Mehak Kataria - June 25, 2021

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