Important Roles of the CID in Qatar You Probably Didn't Know

Important Roles of the CID in Qatar You Probably Didn't Know By Darlene Regis - July 30, 2021

The Criminal Investigation Department

Whether you are a tourist, expat, resident, or citizen in Qatar, you’ve certainly been aware about the CID officials. What comes to mind when you hear about them? – They are constantly working with the police force of the country to bring peace and stability to the nation. They arrest Qatar Law violators. They check your visa or residence permit. They do random inspections. The list is long.

The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) authorities are law enforcers in Qatar. They play an important role in ensuring the safety and security of each individual who is working, living, or staying in the country, for short or long term.

If you are a foreign national living here, you must be wondering why you would need to have any interactions with the CID of Qatar. 

Contrary to popular belief, the CID is not just solely in charge of investigations of crimes, in fact it is also the main issuing body of various legal permits. Read on to know more about the CID – its functions and services for the community.

What is the CID of Qatar?

The General Department of Criminal Investigation was established by Minister of Interior Decree No. (79) for the year 2014 AD, and it includes three departments:

1. The Criminal Investigation Department

2. The Criminal Laboratory Department

3. The Criminal Evidence and Information Department.

The Criminal Investigations Department of Qatar is a subdivision under the Ministry of Interior (MoI) in Qatar.

According to the Ministry’s official website, the above department specializes in combating all types of criminal crimes that occur in the country, and for criminal investigation. 

To this end, it conducts the:

-  necessary research and investigations to detect crimes

- tracking of perpetrators

- collection of all related information and evidence

- gathering of all data and information that help in detecting crimes and tracking their perpetrators

- information dissemination to the competent departments

Functions and Services of the CID

With the administration of the General Directorate of Criminal Investigation, the CID specializes in the following:

• Proposing the annual plan of the public administration

• Preventing and investigating all forms of crime

• Investigating crimes to reach the perpetrators in preparation for bringing them to trial

• Receiving reports, complaints, and evidences

• Prevents all instances of begging that occur in public

• Investigating all cases of money counterfeiting and laundering, as well as any illegal financial transactions.

• Carrying out investigation work that is entrusted to it in accordance with the law, and working to uncover its ambiguity in coordination with other relevant departments

• Analyzing materials and physical effects of a chemical and biological nature

• Examining cases of forgery, firearms, ammunition, traces of fire, and explosives

• Searching, investigating and collecting evidence in all cases and complaints registered against an unknown person or cases held due to insufficient evidence under the guidance of the competent prosecution.

• Moving in all criminal incidents and accompanying the investigation team to inspect the crime scene.

• Issuing permits for the following:

- to sell gold for the public or for the gold shops

- to open lockers in all sections under the department

- to sell scrap in the Industrial Area CID section

Note: The same service above (Issuance of permits) will be rendered soon electronically through the Metrash 2 service.

• Receiving requests from the public for the services offered by the department or information on security-related issues through the service "Contact Us" through Metrash 2 program

• Any other tasks assigned to it

Most Recent Arrests Done by the CID

Here are some of the latest arrests initiated by the General Directorate of Criminal Investigation:

1. An Arab national for burglary and theft in some shops in the Industrial Area

The arrested person confessed the accusations and said that he used to enter the shops in the area after midnight using different methods and steal money and other valuable items.  The investigation team found some of the stolen items and the tools he used to carry out the crime at his residence.

2. An Arab suspect who broke into several shops in the country

He confessed to committing burglary and thefts by smashing doors and glass. Investigation team seized many stolen goods from his residence.

3. An Asian country for selling medical supplies illegally

CID received information that the accused is selling medical supplies illegally at exorbitant prices.

After completing the required procedures, he was arrested in possession of a large number of medical supplies. They include 800 medical gloves, 7,900 medical masks and 1,502 medical clothing besides antibiotics, thermometers, and money up to QAR 200,000.

On investigation, he confessed to purchasing these supplies from various pharmacies in the country and reselling them to the public illegally, exploiting their demand in light of global health conditions.

For more crimes reported by the CID, visit the MoI official Facebook page.

Request Service from Criminal Investigation Department

According to Hukoomi, Qatar e-Government Portal, individuals may submit a request to the Criminal Investigation Department at the Ministry of Interior to pay a field visit, participate in an event, deliver an awareness lecture or submit general requests, attaching immediate photos via the cell phone.

If you would like to invite CID for any activities it can be done through the “Request” option in Metrash2 where you can request for an awareness lecture, field visit, and activity participation or make any general requests.

Online Instructions

• Login to Metrash2 app by entering your QID number and PIN Code.

• Click on “Communicate with us”, then “CID” and “Requests”.

• Choose the type of request, enter location, then write remarks.

• Take or add photos (if available), then click on “Send.”



The CID is more than the law enforcement authority patrolling to check your Qatar ID. It is one of the major crime investigation departments in the State. 

So, the next time you encounter a CID official, you already know their duties and responsibilities based on the above facts.

How to contact the CID?

Location: Duhail, Doha

Telephone Number: 2347444

Online: Metrash2 or MoI website


Source: Criminal Investigation Department (CID) - Ministry of Interior

By Darlene Regis - July 30, 2021

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