How You Can Style An All-White Room Inspired By Florida Art Galleries

How You Can Style An All-White Room Inspired By Florida Art Galleries By Sylvia Hopkins - March 23, 2021
How You Can Style An All White Room Inspired By Florida Art Galleries

How You Can Style An All-White Room Inspired By Florida Art Galleries

How You Can Style An All-White Room Inspired By Florida Art Galleries

An all-white room is like a vast black canvas to a painter. Thus, unless you like to have an all-white scheme, it is crucial to style and embellish them. Of course, nothing says clean, fresh, and bright like white, but to add more interest and depth, you need to integrate it with other color schemes or objects.

Fortunately, white is, for the most part, a versatile neutral color that goes well in many different design styles and color schemes. Also, white is hardly dull and sterile. If you feel uncomfortable with an all-white room, worry not!

There are a lot of ways to get a wow factor when styling an all-white room. For sure, you will, for the most part, get surprised how easily you can upgrade the look of your white interiors. For a little help, here’s a quick rundown on who you can style white rooms inspired by Florida Art Galleries. 

Statement Piece

One of the best advantages or assets of dealing with the white color is the capability to display your own style and personality in your interiors, without having to get involved with the color scheme on the decor, furniture, and walls. If you have a thing for fine art, sculptural pieces, artworks, or any elements that sway attention, then think about showcasing it over an all-white fireplace, on an all-white wall, or over your bed. 

For sure, all eyes and attention will directly go to your striking artwork without having to try. Check out art galleries such as Macfine Art Gallery to look for that one piece that will command attention. 

Choose The Right Furniture

Pick the right accent furniture, chairs, couch, and tables that will go well with your all-white walls. This step is necessary to create that absolute neutral living space that you desire. Opt with off-white cotton fabric or linen for your couches and bring in warm, amiable rustic woods.

You can incorporate reclaimed wood and rattan, especially in a cream-colored space to create a cozy and welcoming feel. Also, add black and white prints or photographs that keeps the palette throughout the room.

Choose The Right White

Although you might think of white paint as that white paint, you chose before the staff at the hardware store mixed it, white, for the most part, comes in a plethora of shades. So, when you decide what tone of white to apply to your room, look closely to the light. 

More often than not, living spaces that have plenty of natural light, such as the attic, will provide a warm tone, and choosing a cool, gentle shade of white with a grey or blue base can stabilize the hues. In a similar manner, an artificially lit, smaller room can, for the most part, take advantage of cream tinted whites or warmer beige. Additionally, consider that not, believe it or not, all white matches. Therefore, take your accessories and furniture when choosing a shade. 

White and Metals

Have you seen the recent trends in home interiors put together with neutral colors like browns, grays, black, and white with classic metal color scheme fusions? Stainless steel, gold, copper, brass, and white are all currently popular in home interiors, and the look is inviting and warm. 

You can pair white with brass lighting fixtures or stainless steel appliances in your kitchen and living room. All in all, metals are a timeless combination with white and is a perfect pairing with the elegance of white. 

Add Color

A neutral, white-washed room does not mean that you have to resign yourself to all colors. Although the style or design is about keeping things clean and straightforward, adding, for the most part, a few pops of color can complete the space and create a stunning effect into a white room.

For example, you can add a pop of color, such as red lamps in an all-white kitchen. For a more budget-friendly option, you can opt to purchase inexpensive lanterns and paint them with any bold color of your choice to your heart’s content. 

Consider Textures

Monochromatic spaces, specifically all-white ones, can, for the most part, tedious, boring, and dull if not done appropriately. Partition an all-white room by including textures throughout the space. For example, you can add a cozy rug in an all-white bedroom. It will add more depth and interest in the living space. Furthermore, look for blankets or throw pillows with heavy, rough textures to give an eye-catching element to an all-white room. 


Keeping a space white and neutral can make any room feel airy and open, a dark room feels bright, and a small space feels vast, even though you don’t have many windows. However, while an all-white color scheme has lots of assets, it can feel unfinished and bland if not done properly. If you wish to go for this trendy look, use these tips to make sure your space feels elegant and chic.

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By Sylvia Hopkins - March 23, 2021

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