How to Use Your Canadian Documents in Qatar?

How to Use Your Canadian Documents in Qatar? By shahbaz ahmed - August 10, 2021


It is not surprising that so many Canadian’s are moving to Qatar. This wonderful, modern country is full of opportunities, incredible landscapes, and stunning, warm beaches. Those who are fed up with Canada's cold winters can enjoy the weather and the Arabian culture. Qatar is a very religious nation, which most foreigners find interesting. 


The country has a small population, with just under two million people living there. Almost three-quarters of people live in the country’s capital. There are plenty of ex-pats living in Qatar, including lots of Canadians, so you should have no issues making friends. 


Most Canadians are used to cooler climates, so they should prepare for subtropical weather. Many find working and living in Qatar unbearable, especially in the summertime. Although most buildings use state of the art air conditioning units, going outside can take a lot of getting used to. 


What can the Qatari Embassy in Canada do for you?

If you are planning on moving, traveling for work, or educational purposes to Qatar, preparing your documentation first is key to making your journey go a lot smoother. The Qatar Embassy in Canada is based in Ontario, and it can help those looking to move or travel to the country. 


Those working at the embassy can help you with:


  • Validating educational certificates
  • ‘Good conduct’ certificates
  • Organizing paperwork so you can apply for your Qatari driving license if you plan on driving in the country


The embassy is open weekdays from 9 AM to 4 PM, but consider making contact before you go. During the pandemic, a lot of embassies only speak with people who have already made appointments. Don’t assume that your Canadian documents will be accepted in Qatar if they haven’t been attested by the Qatari Embassy first. They will have to legalize your documents before you arrive. 

Visa Requirements

For Canadian’s visiting the country as a tourist who decides to fly with Qatar Airways (the country's international airline), they will receive a fourteen day tourist visa upon arrival. But if you are planning on moving to Qatar for a longer period, this visa won’t be sufficient. Qatar is known to change its stance on visas without giving a lot of notice, especially during these unprecedented times, so keep an eye out for changes. The embassy's official website will publish any alterations made as soon as they have been authorized. If you have any other concerns, consider making contact with the airline for more information. 


What about a Work or Business Visa for Qatar?

If you are going to Qatar to work for a Qatari business, then the company should provide you with a visa. This visa will allow you to work for the company for fourteen days, and you should have no issues extending it for another fourteen days if you need to stay longer. 


If you are going to Qatar for a long time to work and do business, then you must apply for a different visa. The police in Canada must give you clearance, which is a document known as a “Certificate of Good Conduct”. Qatar wants to make sure that those entering the country to work are good and honest people. Once this is complete, the company that is employing you must start arranging your residence permit and your working visa. Before Qatar grants you a working visa, these documents must be reviewed by the Ministry of Interior. 


What about a Visitors and Family Visa?

A lot of folks who move to Qatar for a long time want to bring their family members with them. Those who work for a Qatari business can sponsor their family. Once their residence permit and work visa is processed, these people can sponsor members of their family to join them in Qatar. However, processing a working visa can take up a lot of time, so you might want to start organizing their accommodation and travel documents before the visa has been issued.


If you want to apply for your family’s visas, you must go to the Expatriate Affairs and Unified Service Center. Before you go, make sure that you have the following documents ready:


  • Original marriage certificate
  • Your bank statements for the last 6 months: Make sure you get copies of your bank statements where you get paid. They will want to see your salary.
  • Approval letter from the company in Qatar where you are working
  • Passport photographs: Make sure they are the correct size
  • Children’s original birth certificates
  • Educational Certificates


Your spouse and your kids should have no problems staying with you in the country for six months under a family visa. If you want other relatives to join you, you can apply for a three month family visa. However, after one month these visas must be renewed, so don’t forget to keep track of the date it finishes.


By shahbaz ahmed - August 10, 2021

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