How to Measure Brain Skills?

How to Measure Brain Skills? By Shahbaz Ahmed - August 18, 2021
Brain Skills

Brain Skills

To measure brain skills, we need to understand what they are. Brain skills are known as Cognitive skills. Cognition is how the brain understands and reacts to it and its activities. Cognitive skills are skills used by the brain to understand and react properly to surroundings. Want to know how to measure brain skills?

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One can be good at a few of them and average or low in others. One needs to master them in order to stay ahead of others. The basic idea is to take inputs, process and then react. These are controlled by cognitive skills. There are several types of cognitive skills the brain needs.

8 Cognitive Skills

  1. Memory/Long-Term - Recalling past information/keeping information for a long time
  2. Memory/Short-Term - keeping information for short time for instant tasks
  3. Logic & Reasoning - helps in logical, analytical and reasoning processing and reaction
  4. Auditory Processing - helps listening, processing sounds
  5. Visual Processing - helps understanding and process images
  6. Processing Speed - enables the brain to perform fast
  7. Attention - helps in keeping focus to work or for a time
  8. Categorization - helps in categorizing, summing up data


We first need to understand these cognitive skills in order to measure brain skills. Now, one can understand the results better. Also, one can now plan for improving skills in a better way.

Brain Skill Tests

One can measure brain skills via skill tests. These tests are available on various websites, android apps and ios apps. These tests help validate one the results. Few of the most commonly used cognitive tests to measure brain skills are:

  1. CCAT - Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test - (primarily US)
  2. WPT - Wonderlic Personnel Test - (primarily US)
  3. PLI - Predictive Index Learning Indicator
  4. RCAT - Revelian Cognitive Ability Test - (primarily Australia)
  5. MMAT - McQuaig Mental Agility Test
  6. Cubiks Logiks
  7. GIA - Thomas International General Intelligence Assessment
  8. HBRI - Hogan Business Reasoning Inventory


These tests validate one’s brain skills and help improve their skills. Their basic motive is to give you an insight of your skills. The more you validate yourself, the more you will be clear about yourself. 

For Kids

Let them use their phones. Android and Apple app stores have lots of games to test and enhance the brain skills. Kids love to learn in an interactive way. Not like adults giving 100+ question test exams. Invest in such apps to know your child's strong and weak areas and then teach him/her.

For Teens

Those attending schools and college come under this category. Their primary goal will be to score more in their exams and clear any entrance exam. For such teens, android and IOS apps, online and offline tests, are options. They can get their brain skills evaluated using these tests.

For Adults

People going to jobs, running businesses, and other such fall under this category. They are finding skills measuring tools for facilitating their job, business and success in their respective domains. They also have the options of android, IOS apps plus online and offline tests to measure their skills.


One can opt to use android or iOS apps, offline or online tests and or simply refer to a psychologist. To get the brain skills report. Right from birth, to ultimate death. We learn and enhance skills. Different skills needed for different things or tasks in our lives.

One can direct to  IQ Test | Accurate online IQ test - 2021 for fast, easy and reliable test and score. The best part is you can test your skills for free. Also, you can prepare for an entry to Mensa International society and get honoured.

The above-mentioned tests are the best tests you can go before for a detailed summary of your skills and getting strength and weak areas. Improving your score and skills will help you in various activities of your life, even in daily routine.So, opt for a brain skill test soon

By Shahbaz Ahmed - August 18, 2021
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