How to change your job title in your Qatar ID?

How to change your job title in your Qatar ID? By Qatar Day - October 19, 2020
How to change your job title in your Qatar ID

How to change your job title in your Qatar ID?

The Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs (MADLSA) has issued a special guide to amend the profession, which includes the conditions of service and how to use it.

Profession Change Request is a service that enables the applicant to modify or change the job title stated in the ID card (resident). 

Who can apply for this service?

How can I apply for my profession amendment?

• Through MADLSA website

• Through Mandoob (Public Relations Officers, PRO), or the person concerned or one of the authorized signatories, with attaching required documents in line with a number of terms and conditions.

(The applicant, his delegate or his authorized signatory can apply at the government service complex by providing the required documents stamped with company seal and signed by its delegate).


You will need the following for this service:

• Copy of the authorized signatory ID card

• Bank statement with salary details

• Detailed salary bank statement+ Salary statement letter for 6 months

• Copy of Electricity bill.

• Copy of applicant ID card.

• Copy of commercial register

• Copy of academic qualifications, in Arabic, authenticated by the competent authorities.

• Copy of Company registration card

• Copy of a valid municipality license

• Previous labour contract.

You can download this Profession Change Application form here.

Online Instructions

• Click on "E-Services and E-Forms" from the "Services" menu on the website of MADLSA, and then choose the "Recruitment" Department.

• Select "Profession Amendment Request", and then click on "Apply" in the service page.

• Enter the required information (Establishment Number, QID, and Mobile Number, which is registered with the same QID).

• Tick the Captcha checkbox, and then click on "Submit".

• Enter the verification code that was sent to your mobile number.

• Enter the required details in the application form and attach the following document copies:

• QID of the authorized signatory

• QID card of the applicant

• Company's registration card

• Municipality license

• Commercial registration

• Education certificates certified by the official authorities

• Tick the checkbox "I, the applicant, certify that all the above data is correct, and I bear responsibility in the event that otherwise is proven."

• Submit your request.

Offline Instructions

• Download and fill out the application form.

• Providing the following documents:

- Copies of authorized person and applicant IDs.

- A copy of academic certificates accredited by authorized parties.

• Attach a copy of the company’s Establishment ID, valid municipal license along with the applicant’s previous employment contract.

• Attach three original copies of the new employment contract signed by both parties, and signature of authorized person.

• Bank statement indicating his/her salary amount and statement of account for 6 months.


No fees apply for this service.

Additional Information

• The service is available for private and joint-stock companies.

• Application with the required attachments must be sent to MADLSA for conformity, review and approval.

• The registration of the worker's data shall be in terms of the employee's QID number.

• The person in charge of the company bears the full responsibility for the validity of the data recorded through the mandatory acknowledgment in the digital service.

•For more information on the terms and conditions, the required documents, and the detailed steps, you can check the User Guide and login instructions.

For more details, you can check the service information page on MADLSA website.

Apply online here.

By Qatar Day - October 19, 2020

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