How to Change Jobs in Qatar Without NOC?

How to Change Jobs in Qatar Without NOC? By Abinaya Rajagopal - June 08, 2024
How to Change Jobs in Qatar Without NOC

Feeling stuck in a job that doesn’t suit you? Eager for a career change but unsure where to begin? 

Here’s some good news.

As of 2024, there have been some updates to the online portal. The current sponsor is now required to approve the sponsor change request online, although this change is not mentioned on the Ministry of Labour (MOL) website. If you're uncertain, seek assistance from a PRO or typing centre.

This article outlines the procedure for expatriate workers in Qatar to switch jobs without requiring a NOC from their current employer.

How to Change Jobs in Qatar

According to the Ministry of Labour (MOL) guidelines, here are the steps to change jobs in Qatar:

Step 1: Application through the MOL e-system

  • Download the Form: Download and print the Change Employer Form from the MOL website.
  • Complete the Form: Fill out the form with all necessary information, sign it, and get it signed and stamped by the new employer. For private household jobs, only the new employer’s signature is needed. Scan or take a picture of the filled form.
  • Upload the Form: Log in to the MOL electronic portal using your Qatar ID (QID) number and mobile number, and upload the signed form. The mobile number must be linked to your QID. The submission date of this form marks the start of your notice period with your current employer.
  • Additional Documents: Attach a certified copy of your educational qualification and a license of practice for specialised professions. If you're over 60, include a health insurance certificate.

Step 2: Employer Change (EC) Number

After submitting the application, an EC number will be generated, confirming successful submission. Note this number for future reference.

Step 3: Application Processing

The MOL will review the application. It may be rejected if the form is incomplete or the new employer is ineligible to hire new workers. You can track your application status on the MOL website using your QID and EC number.

Step 4: Notification via SMS

The MOL will send SMS notifications to you, your current employer, and your new employer, detailing the notice period:

  • One Month: If you’ve been with your employer for two years or less.
  • Two Months: If you’ve been with your employer for more than two years.

During this period, continue working unless a shorter period is mutually agreed upon.

Step 5: New Employer Initiates Electronic Contract

After the notice period, the new employer will prepare a multilingual employment contract through MOL’s Digital Authentication System, to be signed by both parties and uploaded for authentication. This must be done within three months from the end of the notice period.

Step 6: Request New QID

The new employer will request a new QID through Metrash2 or the Ministry of Interior website after the contract is authenticated.

Step 7: Start New Job

Once you receive your new QID, you can begin your new job. Both parties can download a copy of the employment contract anytime from the MOL portal.

Terminating Employment and Leaving Qatar

  • Leave Country Form: Download and fill out the form from the MOL website.
  • Processing: The MOL will process the application and send a confirmation SMS within a week, detailing the required notice period.

During this period, the employer must continue paying wages and providing benefits, food, and accommodation.

If the Notice Period is Not Honoured

If you leave without completing the notice period, you must compensate your employer equivalent to your basic wage for the remaining period. For example, if your basic wage is QAR 4,000 per month and you leave two weeks early, you must pay QAR 2,000.

Agreement to Waive Notice Period

You can mutually agree with your current employer to waive the notice period. Attach a signed letter stating this agreement when submitting your application.

QID and Sponsorship Change

  • Cancellation by Employer: If your QID is cancelled before submitting your application, file a complaint with the MOL. After reviewing your complaint, submit a letter requesting QID reactivation.
  • Application Cancellation: You can cancel your job change application through the MOL system if it's still under review. Submit a signed letter explaining your request if you wish to cancel after receiving approval but before the new contract is authenticated.

Probation Period and Termination

  • Probation Period: Should not exceed six months. Notify your employer one month before leaving during probation. The new employer compensates the old employer for recruitment fees and a one-way ticket.
  • Termination During Probation: If unfit for duties, the employer must notify you one month prior and cover return ticket expenses.

End of Service Benefits and Non-Compete Clauses

  • End of Service Benefits: Payable if the employment lasted over a year unless terminated for violations.
  • Non-Compete Clauses: Allowed if your role exposes you to business secrets. Valid for up to one year after leaving the job.

Return Flight Ticket

Employers must cover repatriation costs within two weeks of contract expiration or proportionally if you terminate early. The new employer covers this if you switch jobs before leaving Qatar.

Wage Non-Payment

If wages are not paid, you can change jobs without notice after filing a complaint with the MOL.

Additional Conditions and Time Period

  • New Employer's Approval: Must match nationality, gender, and profession.
  • Job Change Timing: Immediate return if a new contract is in place; leave within a week if not. Special cases allow up to three months to find a new job.
  • Important Points: Service periods are calculated from the start date with the employer, including all prior employment days. New job contracts must be seen before leaving the country of origin.

Due to the high volume of applications nowadays, this process reportedly takes several weeks. 

So please be patient if you do not get a response soon!

By Abinaya Rajagopal - June 08, 2024

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