How to become a dermatologist?

How to become a dermatologist? By Qatar Day - November 16, 2021
How to become a dermatologist

How to become a dermatologist?

Selecting the most relevant career is what people want in their lives. Do you like taking care of your skin, hair and nails? If your answer is yes then dermatology is the most relevant field for you. Dermatologists are doctors, just like the others, specialized in the treatment of skin, nails, hair and mucous membrane. The services provided by the dermatologists are of wide range, ranging from a day-to-day skin care to curing the skin cancer.

The treatment might be a general one or a specific one like dermatopathology and cosmetic dermatology. The Mohs surgery is  becoming more and more popular among the profession because it is used to cure skin cancer. The top dermatologists might inspire you when it comes to choosing this field. Now that we know what dermatology actually is, let us discuss how to become a dermatologist. The questions listed below will answer any relevant question in your mind.

Is there any specific training required to become a dermatologist? If yes then what is it?

You can join a medical school after completing an undergraduate degree. The dermatology program is a graduation program like any other physician degree. The medical schools prefer taking the candidates with strong academic background in Biology or Chemistry but students related to other fields are welcomed as well. A high score in the medical college test will serve your cause in the best possible way.

While in the dermatology program, the total time period is of 4 years. The initial part of the graduation will revolve around the science behind medicines and the relationship building and maintenance with the patients. The students learn how to interview, examine and treat their patient in the most efficient of ways.

The clinical clerkships receives a high degree of importance throughout the course. The clerkship involves the medical student, working under the supervision of an experienced physician. Each clerkship is related to the a specific kind of medical treatment. The compulsory set of clerkship will include the primary case, critical case, anesthetic, surgery, pediatric and psychiatric. The students might choose a single clerkship among the ones mentioned. The students doing dermatology can complete a rotation in the field which he or she selected to do clerkship in.

The training continues even after the graduation, just like any other field of medical science. The graduated students are allowed to enter residencies related to the fields with they choose. The residencies vary in the time span, but a typical dermatology residency lasts for three years. The National Residency Matching Program ensures the matching of prospective dermatologists with residencies. The dermatologists learn variety of things during their residencies. The learning process includes the diagnosis of skin, nail and hair etc. and reaches a point where the students will learn how to surgically operate different things related to the field that they choose. Cryotherapy and biopsies are the common surgical techniques which the students learn. The specialization option is available for the dermatologists to avail after their residency and this will include the Mohs surgery and many others.

What are the certification and license requirements?

Every state needs a dermatologist to obtain a license for working and treating patients. The license earning process will include three steps basically. The completion of medical school, complete of an entire or a part of residency and at the end passing an exam from the United States Medical Licensing Examination.

Additionally, the dermatologists pursue the board certificate from the relevant authority. The board certificate is not compulsory and the pursuance is merely based on the dermatologist’s choice. The board certificate serves as a proof for the patients and the staff members to see that the physician is well qualified and has all necessary experience in the field. For obtaining a certificate, the requirements are the same as the one required to be fulfilled for obtaining the license. The dermatologist is need to pass the examination put forward by the American Board of Dermatology. The dermatologists certified by the board certificate can claim themselves as the member of FAAD (Fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology). The certificate is not for a lifetime. To maintain the already received certificate, the dermatologists must take the board examination after every 10 years time.

What is the exact time period to become a dermatologist?

Calculating the exact time frame is not a difficult thing to do. The time required to become a dermatologist is 12 years. This includes the time invested in the under graduation process, the time spent in the medical school and the residency period.

How much does a dermatologist earns?

The pay rates and salaries may be subjective, but the dermatologists are considered as the most compensated professional amongst the medical specialists. The average yearly income of a dermatologist is $471,555.

Tell me about the job prospect?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment ratios of the physicians and surgeons (along with the dermatologists) will experience an increase of 18 percent from 2012 to 2020, which is the best among all professions. The massive increase in the employment is due to the aging population. The analysts say that the world will need more physicians to treat the high numbers of senior citizens.

How to find the dermatology jobs?

There are many sites on internet that post jobs related to physicians and event dermatologist. Some dermatologist find jobs through the recruitment officers of hospitals. The locum tenens is another way to get a job as dermatologist but it is a temporary job. It includes a rookie dermatologist filling the vacancy of the senior dermatologist in hospital. It is one of the best ways to gain experience.

While studying dermatology, you need to maintain good healthy relationships with others to find job. This is one of the most common ways to find the job.

By Qatar Day - November 16, 2021

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