How to Ace RRB Group D Exam in One Month

How to Ace RRB Group D Exam in One Month By Jitender Jagga - August 17, 2021
This article will show how to Ace RRB Group D Exam in One Month

RRB Group D Recruitment

RRB Group D exam is a national-level exam conducted by the Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) on behalf of the RRC (Railways recruitment cells). The selected candidates are appointed to various posts in level-1 of the seventh CPC pay matrix. Every year lakhs of candidates appear for this exam hence the competition is pretty high. Check the official notification to get all the updates regarding the exam. 

There are the following stages in the RRB Group D recruitment:

  • Computer-based test (CBT): This test is conducted for 100 marks and the time limit is 90 minutes. There is a penalty of ?  marks for each incorrect answer. There are various sections in the CBT: reasoning, maths, general awareness, general intelligence, and current affairs. 
  • Physical efficiency test: This is a qualifying test. The marks obtained in PET are not considered in the final merit list. But it is mandatory for every candidate to appear for PET, who has passed the CBT round. 
  • Document verification: The candidates are required to present some documents, failing which can lead to the cancellation of candidature. Hence, this is a very crucial round. 

You can refer to the syllabus on the official website of the RRB. The syllabus might seem exhaustive to you, and with just one month in hand for preparation, this might seem very difficult. Though this is challenging, it is very much possible. Right strategy with dedication and hard work will lead you to success. You should not lose hope and get started with your preparations as soon as you can. Here are a few tips that will help you ace your preparation: 

Prepare a customized study plan: Do not start a new topic. Since only one month is left to crack the exam, it is advisable to not start any new topic. It will be time-consuming and this time is crucial. You have to manage it wisely. Whatever you have studied till now, just brush upon them. Do not start new books, lectures, or other study materials. Stick to your short notes and formula list. If there is any topic that you might have studied long back, you can try studying it if time permits. But if it takes more than a week to finish, it is better to skip it. Trust yourself and believe in your preparation. Try to give your best with what you have. If you answer all the questions only from the sections that you have covered, then also you can ace this exam, do not compare yourself with your friends. Everyone has a different capacity. Do not get carried away with new study materials at the last moment. 

Use fewer resources: Since you have a time limit of one month, do not accumulate a variety of notes and study materials. Stick to your original notes and do not deviate. You will notice a lot of students referring to different books and lectures. Do not get carried away by them. You can refer to a few topics to clear your doubts, but prefer revising with your original notes. If you try to cover a heap of books, you will not be able to read them and ultimately waste your time and will get demotivated. Refer to standard study materials only. For general awareness and current affairs, read the newspaper daily. Make short notes of important news and articles that you come across. 

Revision: Since you have one month for the RRB Group D exam, make sure to invest a majority of your time in revision. You must have already prepared short notes. Go through them daily, or in a gap of 2-3 days. Prepare short notes. Make a list of important formulas and stick them near your studying area and just go through them once a day. This will register those formulas in your mind. After every revision, attempt a mock test. Analyze your performance and see the topic you are weak at. Revise that topic again and attempt the mock test. If you feel any topic is not clear to you, get your doubts cleared by discussing it with your friends and teachers. You must remember that there is a penalty for incorrect answers, therefore your answers should be accurate. 

Practice mock tests: Just because you are short of time, it does not mean that you will skip mock tests. Try to attempt one mock test every day or every alternate day. Mock tests give you the feel of a real exam. They provide a trial run to the candidates. You are placed in the same situation with the same targets as that of a real competitive exam, hence you will inculcate some self-analytical skills. Mock tests help to boost your confidence. Practice RRB Group D online test series to assess your preparation and to judge, what are the areas you need to work on. Mock tests are also a way of revision. If you do not wish to give full-length mock tests, give chapter-wise or topic-wise mock tests. This way you can focus on each topic individually. But keep the time limit in mind. It is important to practice full-length mock tests. If you find yourself weak in a particular area, you can go back and revise that topic and attempt another test. Do not panic due to the time limit. Mock tests make you familiar with the type and scope of questions asked in exams. 

Take breaks: Do not try to sit for long hours to study. Your body and mind need a break. After a certain amount of time, we start feeling drained and exhausted. It is important to take breaks at some intervals. You can take a break after every 2 or 3 hours. Taking breaks recharges your mind and body and you can resume your studies with enthusiasm. Continuously studying for long hours will leave you mentally and physically tired. Since you are trying to perform within a small time limit, it is obvious that you are nervous. But the more you panic, the more it will affect your performance. During your breaks, try to engage yourself in physical activities or listen to some motivational songs. Do not indulge in such activities that will take a lot of your time, for example, playing games. Power naps at some intervals also recharge your mind. This will enhance your performance. Eat well and make sure to sleep well for at least 6 hours.

By Jitender Jagga - August 17, 2021

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