How has pharmacy automation revolutionized the healthcare industry?

How has pharmacy automation revolutionized the healthcare industry? By Josephine Justin - January 30, 2023
How has pharmacy automation revolutionized the healthcare industry

Automated Pharmacies

With the boom in technology, the healthcare industry is rapidly evolving and growing, as is the case with other sectors. Access to safe and timely healthcare solutions is made possible with the many advancements in technology and automation. Hospitals and pharmacies are becoming more and more sophisticated and streamlined to fit patient needs in the most efficient manner. Pharmacy automation is one such aspect of development that is truly beneficial to the industry.

Pharmacy Automation is the use of technology to streamline the process of dispensing medication. It is becoming increasingly popular in pharmacies across the world due to its potential to improve patient safety and reduce costs. Automation comes with many benefits such as reducing errors, speeding up the dispensing process, and improving accuracy.

Pharmacy automation can be used in a variety of ways. Automated dispensing machines can be used to dispense medication directly to patients, thus eliminating the need for pharmacists to manually count out and package each medication. Automated systems can also be used to track medication stock levels, allowing pharmacists to easily place orders systematically when supplies are running low. In addition to improving efficiency, pharmacy automation can also help to improve overall patient safety. There are automated systems available that reduce the risk of medication errors by ensuring the correct medication is dispensed at the right dosage. Proper storage and handling of medication and pharmaceuticals  is something that is highly important and automated systems help reduce the risk of mishandling and contamination.

Moreover, pharmacy automation comes with reduced costs. Automated systems can reduce the amount of time and labor needed to dispense medications, in turn leading to cost savings. Waste management and efficiency control is also made possible with upgraded systems, since medications that are not used can be tracked and directly returned to the supplier.

The state-of-the-art technology system used in the modern pharmacies today, is designed to specifically fit the needs of the modern pharmacy, with detailed customization at every level. The technology allows the best performance in terms of precision and reliability, tailored around the functional and aesthetic needs of your pharmacy.

Riedl Phasys- one such automation system, allows you to manage your pharmacy in the best possible way, adapting to the available space and dispensing the pharmaceuticals wherever you want, in seconds. In addition, the bi-directional gripping unit that moves at a speed of over 5 meters per second, along with a capacity to dispense over 1,000 packs per hour, significantly shortens the time it takes to fill an order. The system is also designed to be more energy efficient, reliable and safe, making it a top choice in the industry.
The future of pharmacies is automated, and the healthcare industry stands to benefit greatly from this.

By Josephine Justin - January 30, 2023

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