How Can Employers Locally Recruit Manpower in Qatar with the New Labor Law?

How Can Employers Locally Recruit Manpower in Qatar with the New Labor Law? By Darlene Regis - September 23, 2021
How Can Employers Locally Recruit Manpower in Qatar with New Qatar Labor Law

Recruiting Manpower in Qatar with the New Labor Law

Following the latest amendments on the State of Qatar’s Labour Law, all workers in the country (whether on fixed-term contracts or open-ended contracts), can change jobs in Qatar today without having to obtain a No Objection Certificate (NOC) anytime during their contract period.

According to the Labour Mobility in Qatar – Key Information for Employers Guide, all workers in the State, whether on fixed-term contracts or open-ended contracts, no longer need to obtain an NOC to change employers.

This means that as an employer, you can now more easily recruit workers locally, with the skills and local experience needed for the job.

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These changes mark a major milestone in Qatar’s labour reform agenda and transition towards a knowledge based economy as set out in Vision 2030.

How will these legislative changes benefit you as an employer?

The new laws will lead to:

• Better job matching where employers can recruit workers with the right skills to carry out the tasks and previous experience in Qatar

• Decrease in recruitment and repatriation costs through local recruitment

• Increased job satisfaction leading to higher retention of workers

What procedures does a new  employer have to follow to locally recruit a worker?

1. Once the change of employer (requested by the worker) is approved by ADLSA, the employer will receive a confirmation SMS from ADLSA.

2. The employer is then responsible for filling the information of the employment contract with the new worker through ADLSA’s Digital Authentication System for a Multilingual Employment Contract.

After filling the information, the employer should print the employment contract to be signed by himself/herself and the worker, and then will upload the signed copy with the other required documents onto the digital platform.

Upon ADLSA’s confirmation that the employment contract has been authenticated, the employer must pay the fees for contract authentication and print the authenticated employment contract, which will be automatically sent to the Ministry of Interior’s programme for ID issuance purposes. He/she must provide a copy of the authenticated employment contract to the worker.

3. The employer should log into the Ministry of Interior’s Metrash services webpage to request a new Qatari ID card (QID) for the worker.

4. Once the QID procedure is completed, the employer should provide the new QID and the health card to the new worker.

Who pays for the administrative procedure required to change employers?

The administrative procedure required to change the employer is free of charge for workers. The new employer should pay QAR 60 to authenticate the newly signed employment contract.

Where to find more information?

For more information, contact the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs on the hotline (16008) or send an email, website or visit their offices.

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By Darlene Regis - September 23, 2021

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