Hotels with Unique Architecture in Qatar

Hotels with Unique Architecture in Qatar By Saif Al-Naemi - July 07, 2022
Hotels with Unique Architecture in Qatar

Hotels with Unique Architecture in Qatar

With the great expansion of the city of Doha, one could almost notice the diversification of architecture not only those of hotels but throughout all types of buildings. Some boast modernity and others remain true to the roots of local architecture. In this report, we will share with you many different types of hotels that have interesting architecture ranging from one of the oldest five-star hotels that have a contemporary design to a futuristic one that resembles a spaceship.

1. The Sheraton Doha

Established in 1979, the Sheraton Doha to any observing eye could be resembled a pyramid! Being one of the first hotels in Doha, it is quite difficult for any resident to not be aware of this masterpiece which is to this day running and still attracting visitors from all over the world for its uniquity and magical ambiance. While the hotel has been running since 1982 little change has been done to it apart from the recent refurbishment of its interior. However, the exterior of the hotel has been kept the same. The hotel offers not only rooms but vast conference halls and wedding halls which have seen many matrimonies within the society. Being one of the oldest hotels in the country with halls able to host 1000 people, it is only fit for the Sheraton to host a historic event such as the 2020 peace talks.
The hotel holds 371 rooms, 9 restaurants, and 26 conference rooms. Considering the iconic status of the hotel world-class restaurant franchises such as Um sharif and Nusr-et have decided to open doors within it.

2. Al Messila Resort

Built in the heart of the city surrounded by greenery Al Messila resort is one of the first luxury resorts in Doha, 14000 sqm the resort is an oasis taken after its name the main element of the establishment is water. The resort is equally luxurious and minimalistic at once with an arabesque architectural design. The buildings were constructed to allow as much sunlight in to make goers “sensually awake”. The resort is surrounded by greenery and water to release the stress of the daily routine of its visitors. Hosting 22 treatment rooms and four hydro-wellness areas alongside a fitness center the establishment is a perfect destination for anybody wishing to experience a healthy rejuvenating journey of both the mind and body. With 122 rooms and suites, the resort also offers 30 villas with completely private pools and gardens. The hotel invites its accommodators to experience the culinary aspect of their property led by a Michelin star chef catering 5 different cuisines.

3. Banyan Tree Hotel

Located in the heart of Doha one of the latest hotels the Banyan Tree is a unique hotel recently opening its doors to the public. Offering a prime location within the Doha Oasis the hotel stands tall amongst the old buildings of downtown Doha. With a phenomenal architectural design, the design was founded on four elements which are the four elements of life – Earth, Fire, Water, and Air. The hotel features 126 luxurious rooms and 215 serviced residences and 8 meeting rooms, the Banyan Tree spa facility, and numerous award-winning restaurants. The Banyan Tree Doha's spa allows the individual to experience a complete relaxation and rejuvenation journey with state-of-the-art facilities such as the vitality pool, brine steam room, herbal sauna, and rain walk.

4. The Mondrian Doha

The Mondrian Doha developed over six years was built to symbolize an important part of the local culture the falcon, to non-experienced eyes, the Mondrian Doha might seem like an ordinary building however the building has a distinctive falcon-inspired design. The symbolism of the falcon could be seen several times within the hotel beginning with the beak-shaped entrance and ending with a podium shaped like a bird's nest. Intertwining luxury and locality the hotel weaves between traditional and contemporary and has won an award for its unique design, offering 270 distinctive rooms the hotel also offers 2 two-story 800 meters squared penthouses, sky house studios, 59 suites, and 211 bedrooms. The hotel sits over the bay of Lusail overlooking Lusail and west bay placing it at an excellent location equating to the end of the old Doha and overlooking the new Doha.

5. Lusail Katara Towers

Symbolically intertwined with Qatar’s heritage, the Iconic Towers in Lusail are an architectural translation of Qatar’s national seal, representing the traditional scimitar swords.  This hotel is located in Lusail Marina, allowing its customers a nice view of Lusail city from the top floors. This uniquely designed structure is a landmark for Lusail city.

These hotels with unique designs are mostly styled by world-renowned architects. We've tried to enlist a few of the best hotels with great architecture in Doha, but the truth remains that there are many more worth mentioning and exploring if you have the time and budget to do so.

By Saif Al-Naemi - July 07, 2022

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