HoduSoft Announced New Features of HoduCC That Made It The Best Call Center Software

HoduSoft Announced New Features of HoduCC That Made It The Best Call Center Software By Daniel Clark - July 21, 2021
New Features of HoduCC That Made It The Best Call Center Software

New Features of HoduCC That Made It The Best Call Center Software

HoduSoft is a renowned company, which is situated in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. The company is known in the industry for its innovative VoIP products. HoduCC, call center solution is one of the innovative VoIP products offered by the company. There are many Indian companies which are using this contact center solution developed by HoduSoft and as per the feedback received from the clients; 'HoduCC is one of the best call center software in India'. HoduSoft is also known for its client centric approach. The company always shows willingness to add value added features in its solutions so the clients and prospects can leverage benefits of their advanced solutions. By following this custom, recently HoduSoft has added a few advanced features in their call center solution, HoduCC.

The spokesperson of HoduSoft has announced that their call center solution is updated with some interesting features, which will make sure that the call centers and customer support centers can improve their productivity and Returns over Investment. The details of these added features of  the HoduCC, call center solution were briefed by the spokesperson of the company, which are penned down below:

Sticky Agent : This feature will work as one of the best features to gain best possible customer satisfaction. This feature will allow you add the number of days as a timeline. If a calling customer is returning customer and in the range of set days, then as per the sticky agent functionality, the call of this customer will be routed to the agent he had interacted in earlier call(s). This will help in trust and relationship building as people used to prefer and feel comfortable talking with the same support person or agent. This feature will be used in the inbound call center.

Advanced Dialer : The HoduCC, Call center solution added simple to advanced dialing systems in their call center software, which will enhance the working of outbound call center agents.

Auto Dialer : The auto dialer will dial the numbers automatically from the available lead list. Once the call is connected with the customer/ lead, the call will be passed to the agent. It means call will be assigned to the agent only when it is picked up by the customer.

Promotional Dialer : The HoduCC, Call Center Solution will automatically dial the phone numbers from the lead list. When the call is picked up by the customer, a predefined promotional file will be played to the customer. This type of dialer can be very useful in certain cases such as sending some kind of reminders. Here, the call center can save time of their agents and still run promotional campaign.

Predictive Dialer : This dialer is fed with an intelligent logic, which makes sure that the time of each agent is utilized at its best. The logic fed into this dialing system will make the calculation of probability of getting call picked up by the customer and availability of agents.

Manual Dialer : This is the simplest of all. The agent or supervisor may dial a number and make an outbound call to reach the customer.

As per the details shared by the spokesperson of the company, these different dialing systems integrated in the HoduCC, Call Center Solution will ensure maximum utilization of resources in a productive way. Further, the spokesperson of the company has invited the interested prospect to book a free demo of the solution by dropping an email at sales@hodusoft.com

By Daniel Clark - July 21, 2021

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