HMC Successfully Performs Kidney Transplant Surgery Involving A Qatari Young Man Donating His Kidney

HMC Successfully Performs Kidney Transplant Surgery Involving A Qatari Young Man Donating His Kidney By A Robin - November 08, 2023
Dr. Yousef Al Maslamani

Dr. Yousef Al Maslamani

This year, 30 kidney transplants were performed from living donors, and 24 from brain-dead donors this year, exceeding the targeted number of kidney transplants for the first time before the end of the year. Additionally, we had carried out 7 liver transplant and 3 lung transplant surgeries by the end of October this year.

The donating son and the father express gratitude to Hamad Medical Corporation, and their condition is continuously improving. 

Mr. Abdullah Al-Ali: We were determined to undergo the kidney transplantation at HMC due to its renowned success in organ transplantation surgeries and its international reputation in this field, along with our confidence in its medical staff. 

Doha, 6 November 2023: Hamad Medical Corporation’s (HMC) kidney transplantation team recently performed a successful kidney transplant surgery involving a Qatari young man donating his kidney to his father. After undergoing extensive tests to ensure tissue compatibility and kidney suitability for the patient, the donated kidney was successfully transplanted to the father. The donor, Mr. Abdullah Al-Ali, had made the decision to donate his kidney to his father, who had previously suffered from kidney failure and underwent an unsuccessful kidney transplant operation outside of Qatar several years ago.

Mr. Abdullah Al-Ali said: “We were determined to carry out the kidney transplant for my father at HMC due to its renowned success in organ transplantation surgeries and its international reputation in this field. Despite receiving approval for treatment abroad, the significant successes achieved by HMC prompted us to undergo kidney transplantation at Hamad General Hospital. Our trust in HMC was reaffirmed after my father underwent an unsuccessful kidney transplant outside of Qatar, leading him to undergo kidney dialysis for over two years until we successfully performed the kidney transplant at HMC on October 15th.”

“My goal was to alleviate my father's pain and end the suffering caused by kidney dialysis and disease complications. I was prepared to donate my kidney to my dear father. I extend my heartfelt thanks to HMC and the dedicated medical, surgical, and nursing teams in the kidney dialysis, laboratory, surgery, and intensive care departments. I am grateful to all the departments that supervised my father's and my health until we were blessed with recovery,” added Mr. Al-Ali.

Dr. Yousef Al Maslamani, Medical Director of Hamad General Hospital and Director of Qatar Center for Organ Transplantation, attributed the success of this surgery to the collaborative efforts of the medical staff from various relevant specialties, in addition to the advancements in medical technology witnessed in the country, enabling the utilization of the latest surgical techniques.  

Dr. Al Maslamani added: “The organ transplantation program at Hamad Medical Corporation continues to thrive, with 54 kidney transplant surgeries performed for patients of various age groups since the beginning of 2023 until October. This includes 30 kidneys from living donors and 24 from brain-dead donors, marking a significant milestone in the program's history. Initially aiming for 50 kidney transplant surgeries this year, the program has surpassed the set target before the year's end due to an increase in the number of living and brain-dead organ donors. Additionally, 7 liver transplant and 3 lung transplant surgeries were conducted by the end of October this year.”

Dr. Al Maslamani highlighted the continuous development and expansion of HMC’s kidney transplant program, attributing it to the integration of modern technologies and the proficiency of the medical staff overseeing the program. He explained that the number of kidney transplant surgeries performed at HMC depends on the availability of donors and the fulfillment of all organ donation criteria for both the donor and the recipient.

He stated that patients undergo standard tests before surgery to ensure that all donation criteria are met and to protect the donor's health. “In 2022, a total of 41 kidneys were transplanted with a success rate of 100%, which included 25 kidney transplants from living donors and 16 kidney transplants from brain-dead donors, averaging one operation per week,” added Dr. Al Maslamani. 

Dr. Al Maslamani urged all members of the community to exercise caution when undergoing kidney transplant surgeries abroad to prevent any potential complications. “At Hamad Medical Corporation, we are dedicated to conducting kidney transplant operations in line with the highest standards to ensure the fulfillment of all donation criteria and to minimize any post-operative complications for the patient. There is an urgent need to promote the culture of organ donation as it can help save the lives of many patients suffering from chronic organ failure and enable them to resume their normal lives,” said Dr. Al Maslamani.  

HMC successfully implements a range of organ transplantation programs, including kidney, liver, and lung transplantation, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and medical facilities to deliver high-quality care for all patients. Organs are transplanted from living donors or from individuals registered as organ donors after life, a single deceased organ donor potentially saving up to eight lives. 

For inquiries or to register as an organ donor, please contact the Qatar Organ Donation Center (Hiba) at the following numbers: 4439 8557 - 4439 8559 - or on mobile: 6618 9586, or via email at

By A Robin - November 08, 2023

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