HMC receives over 2mn outpatient visits, performs over 60k surgeries in 2023

HMC receives over 2mn outpatient visits, performs over 60k surgeries in 2023 By A Robin - January 02, 2024
HMC Qatar

HMC Qatar

Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) has unveiled the statistics for an array of healthcare services provided in 2023, including its Outpatient Department, which received more than 2,835,791 visits, and its laboratory, which conducted over 21 million tests.

According to figures obtained by Qatar News Agency (QNA), HMC performed over 60,090 surgeries, while the Emergency Department received more than 1,327,249 visits during the past year.

Births at HMC exceeded 22,287, while more than 79,536 Home Care Visits were registered in 2023.

The number of calls received by the ambulance service at Hamad Medical Corporation throughout the year 2023 reached more than 296,026 calls, while the number of cases transported by air ambulance to Hamad Corporation hospitals reached more than 2,461 cases.

HMC received more than 296,026 ambulance calls throughout 2023. Additionally, more than 2,461 patients were transported to HMC hospitals by air for urgent medical attention.

HMC received more than 119,477 calls to the urgent consultation services in 2023. Meanwhile, Nesma'ak Customer Service hotline received more than 1,189,935 inquiries.

The number of prescriptions filled at HMC's pharmacies was over 7,428,873, while their medication delivery service received more than 64,788 calls last year.

Regarding laboratory tests, HMC conducted more than 21,686,820 laboratory tests in the year 2023, alongside 742,333 x-rays.

In the past year, HMC's kidney dialysis units recorded 119,763 patient visits. The corporation has also completed 85 organ transplants, including liver, kidney, and lung transplants from 66 living and dead-brain donors.


By A Robin - January 02, 2024

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