HMC Expert Urges People over Age of 50 to Get Seasonal Flu Vaccination

HMC Expert Urges People over Age of 50 to Get Seasonal Flu Vaccination By Qatar Day - October 31, 2021
Hamad Medical Corporation

Hamad Medical Corporation

 Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) said that as the winter season approaches people over the age of 50 years are being urged to get the annual seasonal flu vaccination as early as possible this year to avoid serious complications from the virus.

Dr. Hanadi Al Hamad, Qatar's National Health Strategy 2018-2022 Lead for Healthy Ageing and Medical Director of Rumailah Hospital and Qatar Rehabilitation Institute at Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) said people over the age of 50 years are at greater risk of serious complications from the flu because human immune defenses become weaker with age - lowering the ability to fight off viruses and bounce back after illness.

"As the weather begins to change and the cooler winter months set in, we see an increase in the number of patients with the common cold, influenza, and other viral infections of the respiratory tract. As people age, they are at a higher risk of complications from influenza and for this reason, it is strongly recommended that those over the age of 50 years get the influenza vaccine," Dr. Al Hamad said.

Dr. Al Hamad said this year, with COVID-19 still a threat to our health, it's more important than ever that we take every possible step to protect ourselves from the seasonal flu.

"It takes about two weeks to build immunity to the influenza virus after being vaccinated, so it's important for those aged over 50 years to get the vaccine as early as possible. A flu vaccine is the best and most effective way to protect yourself, your family and your friends from influenza," added Dr. Al Hamad.

To ensure as many people as possible are vaccinated this year, the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH), HMC, and the Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) are again offering the flu vaccine to all members of the public free at 27 Health Centers and more than 45 private clinics.

Dr. Al Hamad has also stressed the importance of older people ensuring they are protected this flu season, noting that they may be more susceptible to complications such as pneumonia and the worsening of existing chronic medical conditions like congestive heart failure, asthma, and diabetes.

"The benefits of the flu shot for older people are clear and overwhelming. This group in our community are especially vulnerable to serious complications from the flu. It is more important than ever that they be protected against the flu," said Dr. Al Hamad.

She said people can get their COVID-19 booster shots at the same time since the flu and COVID-19 are two different viruses.

"Clinical studies have shown that it is safe and effective to get both the COVID-19 and flu vaccines at the same time," Dr. Al Hamad said. "You can safely receive your booster dose and the annual flu vaccine at the same appointment.

"While the flu and COVID-19 are two different viruses, it is important to ensure you are protected against the seasonal flu this year. Getting a flu vaccine will not protect against COVID-19; however, the flu vaccination has many other important benefits it is shown to reduce the risk of flu illness, hospitalization, and death." 

By Qatar Day - October 31, 2021

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