HH the Amir discusses major issues at World Economic Forum

HH the Amir discusses major issues at World Economic Forum By Iman Abdalla - May 23, 2022

HH the Amir Speaking at the World Economic Forum

HH the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani delivered a speech today at the opening session of the World Economic Forum, which got broadcasted at 3:00 pm, Qatar Time. 

The World Economic Forum is now back after two years of absence due to the pandemic. 

This year, the World Economic Forum takes place at the mountain resort of Davos, Switzerland. 

The global event aims to establish dialogue on tackling critical global issues and ways to solve them.

HH, the Amir of Qatar, discussed several issues, including the importance of reviewing, reforming, and strengthening the framework for peace and sending a message of reassurance to the people. 

In light of the economic challenges and geopolitical turmoil, the current session of the World Economic Forum is of particular importance, according to HH the Amir.

HH the Amir emphasized the importance of bringing together the conflicting parties and the need for these efforts to reflect what the United Nations charter embodies. 

HH the Amir added that Qatar stands in solidarity with the millions of innocent refugees victims of the European war and the victims of wars of every race, gender, and religion. Palestine had been an open wound since the establishment of the United Nations. 

HH the Amir said that Sherine Abu Aqua died in Palestine but was not given a funeral that respects the deceased's dignity. 

He stated that the killing of the Palestinian journalist is no less horrific than the killing of seven journalists in Ukraine and eighteen in Palestine since 2000.

HH the Amir said that Qatar is working on managing, resolving, and mitigating conflicts, including ongoing work in Afghanistan.

HH the Amir also said that Qatar is working with its allies in the USA and Europe to combat Terrorism.  

According to HH the Amir, Iran is a neighbor. Therefore, HH urged all parties to return to the nuclear agreement.

Speaking on the world cup, HH the Amir said that Qatar is working hard to make the World Cup tournament an opportunity to get to know the region that has suffered from discrimination.

HH stated that there are still people who cannot accept the notion of an Arab and Islamic country hosting the FIFA World Cup.

According to HH the Amir, individuals, including many in positions of influence, have launched attacks with an unprecedented frequency. While Qatar is not perfect, it is like other countries making improvements, and it is full of hope for a brighter future.

HH the Amir stated that Qatar is in constant contact with parties in the Ukrainian crisis and is ready to make efforts to find a peaceful solution.

HH the Amir added that the State of Qatar firmly rejects the assault on countries' sovereignty. It also rejects any action that would constitute a violation of international law.

Regarding Qatar's relationship with China, HH the Amir said that the relationship is good and that he does not want to see the world in a state of polarization between the two countries. 

HH the Amir said that the war in Europe has deepened the energy crisis all around the world and that the energy crisis was not due to the war in Europe but was way before that. He added that the war intensified the energy crisis, which is why Qatar sought to invest in the energy field for some time. 

HH the Amir spoke on mediation efforts, saying that Qatar will not give up the hope of bringing the views between the conflict parties closer as long as the efforts preserve human lives.

HH stated that Qatar being a small country has a special priority toward preserving peace and safety regionally and internationally.

HH stated that environmental protection is everyone's responsibility and that resources have been allocated to advance emission reduction technology and clean energy. 

HH said that Qatar being one of the biggest producers of liquefied natural gas in the world, has invested in its expansion efforts, as production advancement will give the world a much cleaner, flexible, and safer energy.

HH the Amir also spoke on the importance of sports as a tool for positive change, promoting tolerance and respect, empowering youth, and inspiring unity.

HH the Amir said that Qatar being a major non-NATO ally is an acknowledgment of Qatar's role in facilitating peace, humanitarian aid, and combating Terrorism.

HH the Amir also said that Qatar has played a strategic role in facilitating peace dialogue for many years and that crises are solved by sitting at the negotiation table.

Moreover, HH the Amir said that Qatar is grateful when some countries ask for its interference, confirming that these nations entrust Qatar. 

Source: Al Raya 

By Iman Abdalla - May 23, 2022

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