Here are 3 Reasons Why You Should Have Plants in Your Home

Here are 3 Reasons Why You Should Have Plants in Your Home By scoopy - June 01, 2023

Here are 3 Reasons Why You Should Have Plants in Your Home

Here are 3 Reasons Why You Should Have Plants in Your Home

A house is never truly a comfortable home until you add a few personal touches. These can be anything from a certain style of furniture or even decorative pieces, but why not add a few household plants into your living space? While they may seem like purely aesthetic pieces fueled by the sudden surge of at-home gardening, there are many health and mental benefits to be found in having a few potted plants scattered around your home.


Here are a few that you can look forward to!

Indoor Plants Can Reduce Stress

With more companies choosing to adopt a hybrid work setup, employees are now accepting working from home as a part of their reality, but this can come with a few repercussions such as the inability to separate work life from home life. When the stress of work infiltrates the home—a place that is typically associated with rest and relaxation—employees and workers may find it much more difficult to unwind after the workday.


There are many ways to reduce the impact of this, an example of which being setting physical boundaries and designated spaces around your home for work, but another way to lessen the amount of stress that follows you is by placing a few household plants in the area. Scientific studies have found that indoor plants can make you feel more comfortable and calm, even in a work environment.


Furthermore, the act of maintaining these plants regularly can also lower both physiological and psychological signs of stress, like heart rate and blood pressure, while also increasing emotional well-being.

Indoor Plants Can Improve Brain Performance

When you’re expected to produce several outputs and meet multiple deadlines in every single workday, having a few indoor plants might be able to help you get everything done. Scientists have found that the mere presence of plants is able to sharpen attention and focus, provided that these plans are real and not fake. Apart from that, multiple studies have also shown that the presence of plants in a workspace can increase a worker’s productivity and creativity.

Indoor Plants Can Improve Indoor Air Quality

Everyone knows that plants perform a little process known as photosynthesis that allows them to essentially filter the air by converting carbon dioxide to oxygen, but you probably didn’t know that plants also do something called phytoremediation—the process of eliminating contaminants from the air. 


For the regular worker, that means that you not only get a higher level of oxygen in your environment—which may actually help your cognitive performance throughout the day—but you’re also breathing much cleaner air than you otherwise would have without a plant nearby. 


The best thing about having indoor plants is that they’re incredibly easy to get! Whether you’re choosing to simply buy a potted plant from the grocery store or deciding to start the entire process from the beginning, you don’t really need a lot to start or take care of them.


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By scoopy - June 01, 2023
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