Guidelines for National Sport Day announced

Guidelines for National Sport Day announced By A Robin - January 17, 2024
National Sport Day

National Sport Day

The joint committee for the National Sport Day announced the criteria and conditions to be followed during the National Sport Day 2024.

In a statement, the committee outlined the standards that must be adhered to, emphasizing physical, movement, and awareness activities while avoiding extravagant celebrations. The committee highlighted the importance of focusing on awareness activities to establish daily sports practice as a healthy behaviour and enhance participants' understanding of the significance of sports in individual and community life.

The conditions emphasized the need for proposed sports activities to be suitable for the ages and health conditions of participants, considering the nature, and duration, and avoiding physical stress and injuries. Other conditions included refraining from building tents or temporary artificial sports facilities, ensuring security and safety requirements during sports events, utilizing facilities, sports venues, parks, and public places, providing healthy food, avoiding fast food, and refraining from distributing gifts and food to the audience.

The criteria and conditions also included a call to avoid organising flashy and musical activities, opting instead for sports and movement events.

This approach aims to encourage participants to engage in sports rather than passively watching such activities.

The committee concluded by urging all ministries, government entities, public institutions, and private sector organisations, including the private sector, to provide the joint committee for the National Sport Day with their programmes and plans related to the National Sport Day 2024. They should also provide an estimated number of participants for review, approval, and completion of the dedicated form available on the website

The committee emphasized that these criteria and guidelines are part of the preparations for organizing the National Sport Day to create suitable conditions for the success of all events.

It aims to ensure the achievement of desired objectives outlined in Amiri Decision No. 80 of 2011 concerning the National Sport Day, as well as the noble goals and high purposes associated with the National Sport Day.

Every year, on the second Tuesday of February, Qatar celebrates National Sport Day. This year it falls on February 13.

By A Robin - January 17, 2024

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