Gourmet Travellers Handbook of Qatar 

Gourmet Travellers Handbook of Qatar  By May 15 media - May 28, 2024

Gourmet Travellers Handbook of Qatar 

Finding traditional Qatari food can be puzzling if you visit to see some of the events of the, as the country boasts a remarkably diverse culinary scene.

But it's well worth taking the time to look for authentic eateries if you want to sample Qatari food, which includes everything from rich, home-cooked curries to delicious sweets.

Take a flight with Qatar Airways to Qatar and sample some of the country's delectable cuisine.

Over the ages, North Africa, the nomadic Bedouin culture, the Levant, and the Indian subcontinent have influenced Qatari cooking. The ultimate product is a variety of nuanced flavours that come from combining a rich spice blend with slow cooking methods.

We've set a list of the most delectable traditional Qatari meals and to locate them because we know that dining in Qatar may easily be the best part of your trip.

What foods in Qatar should you not miss?

Overall, there is a wide variety of international influences on Qatari indigenous food. This is an assortment of foods in Qatar that you should not miss.


A customary Arabic dish, saloon, is typically a homemade stew during family gatherings. It is made with whatever ingredients you have, but it typically begins with fish, meat, or lamb, along with seasonal vegetables softened with ginger and garlic. A large slice of bread should be served with the meal so that it can soak up the soup.

Warak enab

Although stuffed grape leaves are popular in all of the Middle East, the ones from Qatar are particularly tasty. Typically, warak enab consists of rice, ground beef, or lamb, with seasonings like coriander, pepper, and garlic. Fresh lime wedges are the ideal accompaniment for this dish in Qatar.


Majboos is Qatar’s national dish, so when you're in Doha, make sure to try it. This meal, which usually comes with lamb or chicken, is cooked gently to boost the flavor. It is served with handmade tomato sauce, salad, and seasoned rice. This meal is available practically anywhere in Doha that serves Qatari food.



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A delicious rice porridge that goes well with any meal is called madrouba. The ingredients include cardamom, milk, chicken, butter, and rarely beans. It is cooked for several hours to achieve the desired consistency. Though restaurants have unique recipes of their own, the customary toppings include fried onions or clarified butter with cardamom.

Kousa Mahshi

Middle Eastern zucchini stuffed with vegetables and minced lamb, flavored with mint and parsley, is known as kousa mahshi. In addition, a lot of eateries in Doha include vegetarian options that use chickpeas. For a complete flavor experience, dip them in tomato paste yogurt or.

Luqaimat, number six


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Luqaimat, a popular dessert in Qatar, is a delicious fried dumpling with saffron and cardamom flavors that are covered in sugar syrup and taste like a doughnut. Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside describe the ideal luqaimat.


Do not overlook Qatar's exquisite dining options, even if you are a picky eater who prefers only specific flavours. The amazing history elevated Qatari food to a new level. 

The people of Qatar are very friendly and want to make sure you have the greatest experience possible. Travellers from all over the world love the popular breakfast dish, baelat, in Qatar. 

Baleelat can occasionally be served hot or cold as a dessert. When the waiter delivers it to your table, it appears a little strange, but as soon as you bite into it, everything makes sense. You have never tasted anything like baleelat, which has extraordinarily good taste.

Umm Ali


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The sweet well-known as Umm Ali is mainly related to Egypt; however, Qatar also has a very good form of it. Prepared with sweetened milk raisins, and chopped almonds, it resembles bread pudding and is baked till the upper crust is crispy and golden, then dusted with cinnamon. It's most likely one of Qatar's syrupiest sweets. 

While Karaki is best recognized for its sweet tea, they are also famous for its pastries and desserts. This place's Umm Ali is rich and dense, brimming with dried fruit and a wonderfully fragrant spice blend. 


The dish rogag, which is a thin coating of batter filled with meat, eggs, or veggies and resembles a dosa, is one example of how Indian cuisine has influenced Qatari cuisine. It's a classic breakfast dish, but it tastes great any time of day. For those with a sweet craving, there's cheese and honey as an option. 

Shay Al Shoomos' rogag has all the elements, but the thyme-infused egg is particularly delicious. You can see the food is freshly cooked in the open-air kitchen before it is brought to your table at this quaint, crowded restaurant in Souq Waqif. To have a traditional Qatari breakfast, order a mug of sweet tea. 

Kunafa with cheese 

Middle Easterners love kunafa, an extremely sweet traditional delicacy that has found its way into certain European cuisines in recipe variations. Doctors in Egypt are said to have created it and even administered it to starving caliphs during Ramadan. It's a quick story to believe, as it involves melting cheese and a pastry drenched in sugar. 

Kunafa is typically consumed around iftar, although it's delicious any time of year. Al Aker Sweets, which is situated in the centre of Souq Waqif, is among the best locations in Doha to sample it. You should try their Nutella kunafa if you're craving more sweetness.







By May 15 media - May 28, 2024
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