Good Start for Qatar in World Parachuting Championships

Good Start for Qatar in World Parachuting Championships By Qatar Day - August 12, 2021

Qatar Skydive Team


The Qatar Skydive Team of the Qatar Air Sports Committee of the Joint Special Forces has made a good start at the 2021 FAI World Parachuting Championships, which kicked off in Russia Tuesday and will continue until August 21 with the participation of 30 countries. The Qatari team occupied the third place on the first day of Skydiving events - the Formation Skydiving (4-Way and 8-Way).

In the Formation Skydiving (4-Way), Qatar scored 141 pointed to achieved the third place behind the US team which came second with 147 points and the Belgium team which won the first place with 169 points.

The Formation Skydiving will continues Wednesday to determine the winner.

In the Formation Skydiving (8-Way), the Qatari team won the third place with 34 points, while the French and the US teams share the first place with 43 points, and the Russian team came second with 39 points.

The competitions will also continue tomorrow to determine the winner.

Meanwhile, the Goal Team will start its competitions in the world championship on Wednesday hoping to win the title after its achievements in the previous international participations in which the team won several titles and medals. The team prepared for the championship in a training camp in Slovenia for two months. 

By Qatar Day - August 12, 2021

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