Ghana Ambassador Hails Qatar's Efforts to Ensure Success of World Cup

Ghana Ambassador Hails Qatar's Efforts to Ensure Success of World Cup By A Robin - November 05, 2022
FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

HE Ambassador of the Republic of Ghana to the State of Qatar Mohamed Noureddine Ismail hailed the great and distinguished preparations and arrangements made by the State of Qatar to host the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

In an exclusive statement to Qatar News Agency (QNA), HE the Ambassador affirmed that the State of Qatar, under the wise leadership of HH the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani, has done everything necessary for the success of the most popular sporting event in the world.

what draws attention and is taken into consideration is the huge infrastructure implemented by the State of Qatar to host the tournament for the first time in the Arab region and the Middle East, including, for example, international stadiums, hotels, apartments, road networks, as well as the hospitality industry, which in turn confirmed its readiness to receive over 2 million guests expected to visit Doha during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, HE the Ambassador of Ghana stressed.

His Excellency pointed out that all these excellent facilities would bare a lasting legacy for Qatar and contribute no small measure to a sporting hub in the world, noting that the organization has also been excellent with Katara introducing a cultural spice and angle to the Mondial with a well-elaborate line-up of activities and events on the wings of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

HE the Ambassador praised the generosity of the Qatari people, their good reception of their guests, and their adherence to Qatari laws, traditions and culture, adding: "I have found Qataris to be warm and loving people, who believe in respect, trust and friendship."

His Excellency demanded all Ghanaian fans to uphold their country's good reputation by respecting the laws, culture and traditions of Qatar during the World Cup.

His Excellency touched on the participation of his country in the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, pointing out that the Ghanaian team has been through a rigorous training experience and is poised for action to create a lasting memory of Ghana's participation in this tournament.

Increasingly, Ghana is the powerhouse of talent in football in Africa and the focus of the team is to perform on a track record of successful administration and to build participation in previous.

His Excellency added: "Ghanaian players are prepared to go beyond the group stage and if possible, to the semi and final stage," as was the case in the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. His Excellency stressed that Ghana's participation in the World Cup in Qatar is not only for winning trophies but showcasing the strength, talent, character and beauty of football in Africa.

HE Ambassador Mohamed Noureddine Ismail noted that the Republic of Ghana is constantly seeking to strengthen its relations with the State of Qatar in all fields, including sports, and to joint cooperation between the two countries in the field of football after the tournament, which he said provides many opportunities in this field, in addition to creating a Ghana-Qatar football legacy; in terms of the construction of training facilities, training pitches and provision of training equipment, as well as capacity building in the area of sports.


By A Robin - November 05, 2022

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