Garangao Song

Garangao Song By Naveed - February 29, 2024
Garangao Song

Garangao Song

Garangao is a traditional celebration observed in the Gulf countries, particularly in Qatar, during the 14th night of Ramadan. It is a unique and joyous occasion, especially for children.

Children wear traditional clothing during Garangao and go door-to-door in their neighborhoods while singing traditional songs and obtaining small gifts, candies, and nuts from their neighbors. The sound of knocking on doors to request treats is referenced in the local Gulf dialect by the word "Garangao."

Children laughing as they take in the festive atmosphere and the distinctive sound of knocking are the hallmarks of the celebration. It adds a special touch to the Ramadan festivities, providing a break from the usual religious observances and fostering a sense of community and joy among young and old residents.

The Traditional Song

The lyrics and meaning of the song are as follows:


Garangao Girga oh
Atoona allah yateekum
Bayt Mecca ya wadeekum
Ya Mecca Yal mamoora
Yam il salasil wal thahab ya noora
Atoona min mal Allah
Yislam lakum Abdulla.

(*Note: This song has a unique aspect to it. At the end of the song, children usually end with the family name or the name of the head of the house they are visiting, So the ending always changes.) 

(For example, Mohammed:)
Atoona dahbat leefa
Salam Ala Mohammed


Garangao Girga oh
Give us what God gave you
To Mecca, he’ll take you
The greatly filled Mecca
Covered with tassels, gold, and light
Give us what God has given
Abdulla greets you with smiles

Please give us a bit of sweets
Please say hi to Mohammed.

By Naveed - February 29, 2024

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