Five qualities you need to make a career in the security industry

Five qualities you need to make a career in the security industry By Manoar Molla - February 17, 2021
Five qualities you need to make a career in the security industry

Five qualities you need to make a career in the security industry

The security industry is growing in popularity in Australia. According to Job Outlook, security officers and guards grew strongly in numbers from 54,000 to 62,500 in the last five years. With such an increase, the security sector's worth has reached nearly $8.5 billion. With such a boom in the career prospect, what qualities do you need to flaunt the security badge on your shoulders successfully?

To start with, the job of a security guard is demanding and challenging. No two days can be the same for the people who are involved in this sector. They are employed to protect assets like property, malls, pieces of equipment, official workspaces, to name a few. Their role becomes crucial because they must maintain a high presence on the site by patrolling the areas to discourage any theft and criminal activities and ensure that no unauthorised behavior occurs. 

You can work as a crowd controller or a security officer. More than technical skills, your softer skills are tested on a day in day out basis. You should have the ability to detect confrontational situations well in advance and minimise damages by confronting trespassers of the property way before the problem turns ugly! Your patience gets tested! Your physical and mental strength gets tested too. 

So, how can you prepare yourself well before you venture out into this profession? Here are five qualities that are a pre-requisite to be successful in this profession.

Quick-witted reflexes

Now we are not saying you have to be faster than flash here! We are saying that being in this profession means you must stay on your toes all the time. You should be able to access what is going in your surroundings quickly. Once you have examined the problem, you should have the ability to take a well-judged decision accordingly.

Proficient communication skills

A security guard has to get into multiple conversations daily. His tone must be soft yet authoritative. Even more, you should be able to explain your work effectively, not just to your managers but also to the public. If the authority wants to give specific instructions to the audience, it is the security guard's responsibility to communicate it accurately. 

Be respectful

Security guards tend to get into tricky situations at times. Sometimes, they have to deal with confrontational situations. Usually, your physical strength comes in handy in avoiding physical altercations or in subduing the offender. However, the key here is to prevent any possibility of injuring the offender(s). You are responsible for yourself and the life of the offender(s). In an ideal situation, you should avoid any physical harm as much as possible. Sometimes, it is also about your mental strength. It can help you avoid the problem mentioned above in the first place. 

Be prepared

Suitable clothing, shoes, a badge, and walkie talkie, are an identity of a security officer. Not only you have to be ready to handle any situations, but you must dress appropriately as well. Discipline is key here. 

Training to acquire skillsets

Apart from the softer skills, training yourself in security operations is pivotal to grow in this role. You acquire these skills through proper education. A right course can give you hands-on training experience. These industry-recognised skillsets are vital for performing all tasks professionally. 

Our CPP20218 Certificate II in Security Operations course at SITS, Australia, allows you to efficiently train your skillsets. Our course reflects the role of a security officer and his/her duties. From guarding, protecting property while unarmed to maintaining security by patrolling, our course prepares you for this challenging job! We can help you achieve your goals! 

By Manoar Molla - February 17, 2021

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