Five essential things to do before moving and working in Dubai

Five essential things to do before moving and working in Dubai By Helen Koval - October 20, 2021
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Dubai attracts people from all over the world with its unique blend of oriental flavor, cosmic architecture, and endless international business opportunities. If your dream is to live in the city of the future where it is sunny all year round, then you should definitely move to Dubai. However, moving to another country is not an easy step that requires careful preparation. The more information you gather in advance, the faster you will adapt to your new life.
Here are five main things you should do before moving to Dubai.

Make sure to comply with all formalities needed.

The first thing to take care of is collecting information on the necessary documents for a legal stay in Dubai. The rules can differ depending on your country of origin, but the primary conditions will remain the same for any foreigner. Search for the necessary information on the Department of Tourism & Commerce Marketing website and Digital Dubai. You should contact the UAE Embassy in your country to find out more if needed. If you already have an employer, he will most likely take care of all the formalities for you. Nevertheless, do not let the situation take its course.

Find a new place to live.

There is an option to book a hotel and spend some time getting to know the city before choosing the apartment. But it will work for those who are alone and have some time to grow roots. When you move with family members, it's better to search constant place to live in advance and find a suitable long-term rental property.

Learn more about new rules you will have to follow and respect.

Remember that the UAE is a Muslim country, so traditions and etiquette can be very different from what you are used to in your home country. Gradually, you will learn about all the features of living in Dubai that are not difficult to observe for a law-abiding citizen.

Take care of medical insurance.

If it is not included in the contract with the future employer, take care of it personally. Secure yourself with reliable health insurance in advance.
Search for work opportunities.

There are many sites for job search with additional employment information in Dubai, for example, Dubizzle, ExpatWoman, and others.

If you are already invited to work in UAE, make sure to sign an employment contract before moving. Check if the employer will provide additional options such as:
• insurance for you and your family;
• housing rental payment;
• transportation costs covering.

Finally, Dubai is a natural startup paradise with no income tax and payroll tax. It is the right place to start for those who strive to realize their business ambitions.

The UAE is a country of unique opportunities for foreign entrepreneurs. Those who have decided to relocate will surely find many ways to fulfill their potential in Dubai's highly developed business environment. Doing business in the UAE offers an impressive list of benefits for companies of all sizes and profiles:

• economic stability and a high living standard;
• high return on investment;
• state's interest in private business development;
• highly reliable and well-developed banking system;
• no restrictions on the capital repatriation;
• a reliable legal framework that protects investors' interests;
• high global confidence in companies and investments from the UAE.

The list of benefits for those who work in Dubai is endless. It is worth remarking that you can find a unique environment of like-minded people, whether you are an entrepreneur, freelancer, or remote employee of a large corporation. The intellectual elite and new entrepreneurs give precedence to coworking in Dubai as the primary location to run business.

Coworking spaces are part of the modern business culture of Dubai. They have undeniable advantages over the classic type of office, which are especially important for expats: absence of long-term rental costs, the ability to change working conditions instantly, and, of course, making valuable contacts with the surrounding. Developers have already been solved all organizational problems for you in such an office space. In addition, an informal atmosphere stimulates the disclosure of creative potential in full. So if you are a purposeful and ambitious professional in your field, the immersion into the modern coworking environment will help you reach a new level of success.
Highly skilled people who strive to find a job in Dubai have all chances to succeed. Since it is a constantly developing city, the most significant world events occur in various fields here. For example, the World Expo 2020, which kicked off on October 1, 2021, is a true leap into the future for all of humanity. Moreover, transnational corporations from all over the world continue to choose Dubai as their headquarters. These factors contribute to the constant creation of new jobs for professionals and fantastic opportunities for business owners. Highly qualified specialists in the following areas are always in demand:
• building and construction;
• interior decor and design;
• banking and finance;
• hotel and restaurant business;
• travelling and tourism.

English is enough to work in Dubai's multicultural environment. But those who speak Arabic will have a significant advantage. Any additional languages knowledge, as well as a high qualification level, increases your chances to find a higher-paid job. But the main conditions for a foreigner in Dubai are a resident visa and a work permit, so it is critical to take care of formalities in advance.

Moving to Dubai is a big decision that can change your life dramatically. Such changes will be 100% positive, as the place is unique. You will fall into the new, highly developed surrounding full of possibilities and people from all over the world. It can cost a lot of effort to organize your life at the initial stage, but the new horizons in the city of the future are worth it.

By Helen Koval - October 20, 2021

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