Filipino community leader in Qatar shares helpful tips for Kabayans to save more this pandemic

Filipino community leader in Qatar shares helpful tips for Kabayans to save more this pandemic By Darlene Regis - January 13, 2021
Filipino community leader in Qatar shares helpful tips for Kabayans to save more this pandemic

Filipino community leader in Qatar shares helpful tips for Kabayans to save more this pandemic

Qatar is a popular destination among Filipinos. As of 2020, the number of Philippine nationals in the country stood at 250,000 — making them the third largest group of expatriates.

Currently, there are around 234,000 overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) employed in various sectors in Qatar. However, the global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has displaced over a thousand OFWs in the country. 

In a CNN Philippines report, Philippine Ambassador to Qatar Alan Timbayan said thousands of land-based Filipino workers were displaced and some were asked to go on forced leave due to the outbreak.

He added that most of the Filipinos in the Arab country are field workers, domestic workers, and professionals.

Bayanihan in Qatar

Many Filipinos have taken the initiative to help their fellow Pinoys (a native term for Filipinos) in need amid the pandemic, by giving aid to those who suddenly found themselves jobless following the closure of businesses in the country.

Carlo Yan is one of the Filipino community leaders in Qatar, who has been actively extending support to his “Kabayans” (Tagalog for fellow countrymen) during the COVID-19 crisis.

Yan is an independent Filipino actor, model, writer, journalist, filmmaker, producer, director and influencer. Watch Qatar Day's interview with Carlo Yan at its official Facebook page on Januar 13, 2021. 

Today, he has been selected as the-only Filipino brand ambassador for some international brands and companies such as Tabalat, Careem, Lulu Hypermarket, among others.

Money-saving Tips for Filipinos this Pandemic

Pinoy Tipid Offer from Careem

Mas malalaki ang matitipid, mas maraming mapupuntahan kapag ginamit mo ang code na "FILIPI15"

Sumakay na sa Careem! Get 15% discount on 3 rides. Use Promo Code: FILIPI15

Hanggang February 2021 nalang ito.

Careem offers a special offer exclusively for all Filipinos in Qatar, with a special code, enabling them to get discounted fares for 3 rides in a month.

Faster and Safer Money Transfer for Pinoys by Unimoni

Experience faster credit and best rates when you send money to your loved ones in the Philippines using #UnimoniExchange.

Unimoni is a diversified global provider of financial solutions and services.

They facilitate the seamless movement of money across geographies, currencies and channels via multiple customer touchpoints including retail stores, online and mobile solutions. Committed to delivering timely and hassle-free remittance and foreign exchange services, they are supported by a dedicated team of professionals to ensure enriched customer experiences at all times.

Unimoni’s bank transfer service enables you to transfer money to your beneficiary’s bank account in Philippines. Its wide network of banks and financial institutions as well as state-of-the-art technology ensure that the money reaches the beneficiary’s bank account fast and safe.

Kabayans Free Delivery from Talabat

Another “Tipid Tip” (money-saver deal) is a new offer of Talabat, where you can order food and grocery delivery online from hundreds of restaurants and shops nearby.

Carlo is also the Filipino endorser for the said service. 

Carlo Yan’s Career Highlights

After his successful stint as UNTV News anchor in Dubai, Carlo moved to Qatar to explore different avenues of opportunities. 

Since he first settled in the country, he has been involved in modelling, photography, painting and journalism. But, filmmaking has always been his forte.

Film Making

As an independent Filipino filmmaker, Carlo made documentary films in Dubai, Iran and in Qatar. His first short film was entitled "Episode 5" in Abu Dhabi in 2009.

He is best known as the lead actor and producer of the first Filipino movie entry in the Doha Tribeca Film Festival (DTFF), I Love You Ma'am. It was produced under WS Production with the support of Doha Film Institute (DFI).

He also produced "A Date with Darna" with Jelai Andres in Doha 2010 and "Red Rose" with a Tunisian Indie Actress.

Carlo has then created a short movie entitled “Ikot” (Round trip) - depicting the lives of taxi drivers in Qatar. This film has been entered for two film festivals - Ajyal in Qatar and Tropfest Arabia (GCC).

FilipiKnows Network

He created a platform called FilipiKnows TV, currently known as FilipiKnows Network.

The online portal provides accessible social exchange among ?Filipinos from different geographical locations to disseminate information using (Tagalog) Filipino language.

“The present-day consumer is flooded with social media ads, billboards, and banner ads. To reach your audience, you have to break through the noise. Don't intrude upon their experience — rather, become part of the experience,” says Carlo.

In 2018, FilipiKnows Network introduced the FilipiKnows Fili-Choice Award, the first Filipino Award giving body to recognize companies, organizations, and individuals in Qatar.

TV Production and Online Coverage

He made a milestone to the “Balitang Q,” a Filipino community News Organization in Qatar by redesigning their official website, conceptualizing and directing Live coverage feeds via live streaming.

He managed the news organization to have a full coverage of the Philippine Independence Day (June 2012) celebration in Doha, Qatar. OFWs around the world and their loved ones got a chance to watch live the momentous event. It earned him recognition from different organizations across the Middle East.

After the said film, he was noticed by the local film market, agencies, and TV stations. He then became the senior producer for the Flagship government channel Qatar TV in 2011 until 2016. He directed segments for reality, magazine, and documentary shows.

He then established his own online (web) channel called SnapTV in 2016. He partnered with a Lebanese Film production company for this project. WS production was one of the pioneer film production houses in Qatar. 

SNAP TV fills the gap as an alternative and creative source of free entertainment, by providing curated online TV programs tailored to specific audiences and interests in Qatar.

Qatar for Kabayans

Just like Carlo, many Filipinos ventured into working in Qatar, in hopes of living a better life abroad.

“Qatar is a good destination for the deployment of our workers,” according to Philippine Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) Secretary Silvestre Bello III.

The official stressed that Filipino workers based in Qatar receive good treatment from the host country.

“They like our workers. Filipinos are very hardworking, diligent and very competent,” Bello said about the OFWs.

Since the start of the pandemic, around 300,000 OFWs from across the world were already repatriated. The Labor Department said there are some 240,000 OFWs still in Qatar.

Carlo is hoping that many Filipinos can benefit from the money-saving offers — that he has been sharing to more of his Kabayans — from his partner international brands in Qatar.

By Darlene Regis - January 13, 2021

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