FIFA’22 over Covid-19: Qatar limbers up for the World Cup amidst a worldwide pandemic

FIFA’22 over Covid-19: Qatar limbers up for the World Cup amidst a worldwide pandemic By Qatar Day - November 04, 2021
Qatar limbers up for the World Cup amidst a worldwide pandemic

FIFA’22 over Covid-19: Qatar limbers up for the World Cup amidst a worldwide pandemic

The repercussion of an unbridled virus has been an infliction in our personal lives that resulted in affecting our health, wellbeing, finances, and many more. But what does it mean for all the football fandoms awaiting avidly for the World Cup scheduled next year despite the surging novel coronavirus (Covid-19)? Is there a need to be apprehensively worried if the global and most-watched tournament be debarred? Of course not!

During the outset of the Covid-19 epidemic, Qatar had witnessed an immense rise of the Covid-19 cases just like every other country. Howbeit, the tiny peninsula region managed to curb the deadly disease with strict precautionary measures enforced and taking actions against those who violated the imposed preventive methods. Hence, Qatar evinced the true nature of its development and progress in combating the virus and making a huge decline in the cases compared to many developed countries. 
Over the past year of the perpetual outbreak, the football enthusiasts and passionate fans took great efforts in working rigorously towards bringing back the sport with safe and secured measures. But for Qatar, it has always been a leaping success with its virus and death rates constrained that makes the country in the forefront among the lesser affected nations. 

During these noxious and unparalleled circumstances, Qatar, which is set to host the FIFA World Cup 2022, played a significant role by hosting major tournaments over the past few months, such as Asian Football Confederation (AFC) champions league, FIFA club World Cup and the country’s most prestigious tournament, the Amir Cup Final. These matches were played, ensuring the safety and wellbeing of the staffs, players and fans by providing regular Covid-19 testing, safe transportation methods, and disinfecting every stadium. 

Many lauded the efforts taken by Qatar in successfully completing the tight competitions during the rise of a rampant virus. One of the club team’s coach, Kim Do-hoon, who helped his squad to lift the cup, conveyed his gratitude to the organizing committee and AFC by stating that the entire team felt safe due to the regular testing for Covid-19 prior to each game they played. Nasser Al Khater, the Chief Executive Officer, FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, also expressed his ebullience after the match by saying that it was immensely a proud occasion for Qatar and the fans enjoyed the game feeling safe in the country, which assures the football fans around the world regarding a safe World Cup next year if the pandemic continues to prevail. 

The World Cup organizers have shown their ecstasy towards the upcoming World Cup tournament scheduled to play between November and December 2022 as they stated that they are confident about overcoming the pandemic with the human race collectively. As per World Health Organisation (WHO), the virus may exist on the earth’s surface for more than two years. Even if that’s the case, Qatar is all set to host the World Cup due to the safety protocol, strict measures, and successful tournaments that was held in all the venues scheduled for the World Cup 2022.

Stating the certitudes, Qatar is all limbered up for a safe tournament amidst a global pandemic.

By Qatar Day - November 04, 2021

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