Field exercises of World Cup security drill 'Watan 2022' start in Qatar

Field exercises of World Cup security drill 'Watan 2022' start in Qatar By A Robin - October 25, 2022
Watan 2022

Watan 2022

The field exercises of the “Watan 2022” Exercise, which is organized by the Security Committee of the World Cup, started on Sunday, October 23, 2022, with the participation of all concerned military and civil authorities and with the participation of forces from brotherly and friendly countries. The exercises, which will continue until Thursday, October 27. The field exercises carried out included many specific tasks in all regions of the country and the implementation of the deployment plan to complete all the exercises and trainings.

Staff Col. Mubarak Sherida Al Kaabi, director of the Watan 2022 Exercise, stated that all the authorities involved in the exercise were ready well before the start of the exercise, after the plans and implementation mechanisms were reviewed according to the developed scenarios. With the start signal, all parties carried out their missions fully, as the exercise witnessed the activation of operating rooms at the level of all participating parties such as Public Security, Tournament Security and civil authorities. Operations were moved to alternative operating rooms and the deployment plan was activated and a set of scenarios were implemented on the ground, which simulate a set of plans and assumptions that require activating emergency plans to meet various organizational and security events. 

The scenarios carried out today showed the emphasis on coordination of efforts, integration of roles, readiness, immediate response, and rapid intervention to solve problems in more than one location and with different scenarios.

Staff Col. Mubarak Sherida Al-Kaabi added that all military and civilian bodies involved in the exercise are keen to achieve the objectives of the exercise to strengthen the role of the concerned authorities while carrying out their regular and additional tasks during the World Cup tournament, to confirm the speed of response to emergency events, and to activate the command and control mechanism and cooperation between military and civilian entities.

Since its inception in 2021, the exercise has enhanced close cooperation and exchange of expertise and experiences with the forces participating in the exercise from sisterly and friendly countries, ensuring enhanced cooperation to implement best security practices in organizing the safest World Cup, he said.

By A Robin - October 25, 2022

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