Expo 2023 Doha attracts 2.5 Million visitors

Expo 2023 Doha attracts 2.5 Million visitors By Fathimath Nasli - January 22, 2024
Expo 2023 Doha attracts 2.5 Million visitors

Expo 2023 Doha

Expo 2023 Doha, the International Horticultural Expo, has reached its midpoint and welcomed over 2.5 million visitors, according to a senior official.

Mohammed Al Khouri, the Secretary General of Expo 2023 Doha, reported that the event reached its peak attendance due to favorable weather conditions. The six-month-long expo aimed to attract 3 million visitors and has so far hosted 2.5 million people.

Al Khouri anticipates a growing number of visitors in the second half, especially during the last three months, attributed to pleasant weather and winter vacations.

Expo 2023 Doha offers opportunities for visitors to explore diverse cultures and experiences showcased by participating countries in the agriculture and environment sectors. The plants featured in the expo from various climates and ecosystems worldwide will be relocated to greenhouses to ensure their sustainability as a lasting legacy of the event.

Regarding Expo House, the main building of Expo 2023 Doha that holds the Guinness World Record for "The Largest Green Roof," Al Khouri mentioned it serves as inspiration for kitchen gardens and backyard landscaping. 

The expo organizers are promoting the idea of rooftop gardens, and guidelines for creating them are being developed in coordination with relevant authorities.

Looking ahead, Al Khouri mentioned the International Agricultural Exhibition, AgriteQ 2024, scheduled for February, showcasing the latest technologies in agriculture and environment sectors.

Expo 2023 Doha is also actively engaging in a campaign to educate the community, particularly through school initiatives, about the significance of plantation and greenery in addressing climate change.

Furthermore, Al Khouri discussed the '10 Million Trees' initiative, stating that efforts are underway, in collaboration with government and private sector partners, to meet the target of planting 10 million trees by 2030. The expo's organizing committee is working diligently to spread awareness and involve the community in environmental protection and sustainable practices.

Source: The Peninsula

By Fathimath Nasli - January 22, 2024

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