Expert Hacks for Finding Apartments to Rent in Doha, Qatar

Expert Hacks for Finding Apartments to Rent in Doha, Qatar By Shahbaz Ahmed - January 17, 2023
 Rent in Doha

Rent in Doha

Qatar is a promising country to create a life alone or with family. With one of the highest GDPs in the world, it is not surprising that the oil-rich nation has an increased number of foreign nationals. About 88% of the population is of non-Qatari people. Given the high rate of development, opportunities for expats are many to settle in the country.

Doha, the capital city, is home to 98% of Qatar's population. This is why most residential and commercial development projects are concentrated in Doha. A common misconception about Qatar is that it will always be expensive to rent due to the high standard of living here. That's not true. It would help if you had assistance from a quality real estate brokerage like FGREALTY. We can help you find the best apartment for rent in Doha at an affordable price.

How to Easily Find Apartments for Rent in Doha?

Know what you can afford to pay for apartments for rent in Qatar

This is more of a hack than self-evaluation. A property portal in Qatar will have several apartments listed for rent; your focus must be on properties that match your affordability. Expats need to know what amount they can pay as rent every month. As a rule of thumb, you must only pay a third of your income as rent. 

For instance, if you make QR 10,000/month, you must look for apartments for rent in Doha that cost around QR 3,300/month. It must also include the utility bills that come with the property.

If you are on a tight budget, you can explore apartments for rent in Qatar that are further from Doha city and The Pearl Qatar. 

These are exclusive and expensive areas. Hence the property prices are high too. But there are locations nearby to look for comfortable rental apartments. Ensure you rent at a place with excellent access to public transportation, such as Doha Metro and Karwa Bus.

Use a property portal in Qatar 

As mentioned, Qatar is a state with a high number of expats. To accommodate everyone, the government spends high on infrastructure and transportation. As a result, there is a considerable variation in available properties for rent in Doha.

To find a valuable apartment for rent in Qatar, you should use property portals like FGREALTY. We are one of Qatar's fastest-growing luxury real estate companies, helping expats find the best properties for rent in Doha. Our real estate agents pick the best properties from all over Doha and curate them for you on our website. Here are some exclusive apartments for rent in Doha.

This fully furnished studio for rent in Doha comes with all the utilities. Suitable for singles and couples, this studio hotel apartment is fully furnished with all the amenities. You get an open kitchen, a bedroom with an attached bathroom, and a lovely view from the balcony. Among other amenities are a swimming Pool, gym, and spa.

FGREALTY provides high-class, professional, and dedicated services to customers. And suppose you are looking for a luxury apartment for rent in Doha. In that case, we recommend this luxury 2-bedroom exquisite fully furnished apartment with a Vendome mall street and partial sea marina view. One of the most opulent rental homes in Doha, with a sizable living and dining space. You get two bedrooms—one with twin beds and one with a bathroom and walk-in closet—a fully furnished open-concept kitchen, and a sizable balcony with stunning views. There are amenities that are shared, such as an outdoor pool, a gym with changing rooms, a function space, and an outside shared tranquil garden with a walk and seating area.

Ask about discounts and negotiate

Irrespective of which apartment is for rent in Doha you choose, there will always be scope for discounts and offers. It is common for the real estate brokers in Doha to offer one, two, or even three months of free rent and internet fee waivers on apartments. Such discounts will depend on the property, rent, and contract period.

Another hack is to negotiate the price for properties for rent in Doha. Only ever rent an apartment without negotiating the price. It never hurts to haggle and ask for discounts. We at FGREALTY always provide customers with the best possible deals on properties. Furthermore, we are always open to negotiations.


We understand that finding a suitable apartment for rent in Doha that matches your budget can be challenging. These hacks will help you quickly locate the best properties for rent in Doha.

FGREALTY is a popular property portal in Qatar where you can find the best apartments for rent in Qatar. We are awarded the best real estate agency website Qatar 2022-23 at the Arabian Property Awards, demonstrating our commitment to serving our customers.

By Shahbaz Ahmed - January 17, 2023
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