Expand your business in Australia by employing a coupon marketing strategy

Expand your business in Australia by employing a coupon marketing strategy By Manoar Molla - July 26, 2021
Expand your business in Australia by employing a coupon marketing strategy

Expand your business in Australia by employing a coupon marketing strategy

Since the escalation of e-commerce and digitalization in the globe, the Australian market has been transformed into online retailing. Likewise, other inhabitants, Aussies have been increasingly demanding for coupons and discounts from the branded and local ventures. Online shoppers are more likely to shop from stores that have mercy on their budget by selling products at reasonable prices. Supporting the content through a recent survey, 70% of the Australian Population has diverted their shopping to the online platform and are massively availing discount codes.  Among them, Sydney holds the highest ratio of using coupons.

Coupons have acted as a strong force for integrating business sales and social bonding. Astoundingly, Over 1800 coupons of Australian stores are leading on the famous website EMUCoupon.com. Coupon sharing has an enormous potential of sustaining in the Australian market as they are worth billions of dollars as each couponing activity accounts for the increment of 3 dollars. Sharing a survey report, 77% of customers responded positively because of a significant boost in sales by offering coupons and discounts. 82% of the population prefer usage of digital coupons and promo codes over printed versions as it is easy to dial and save. 65.5% of Australian social media users devotedly follow their brands and excitedly avail all the coupons. 58% of the customers look for an online discount voucher before the physical shopping of travel and accommodation, fashion and beauty, and consumer electronics products. 

The infinite list of merits of social coupons and discounts 

Before mentioning the digital advantages of coupons, dedicate your mind to absorb the useful benefits of online shopping through discounts in preventing transport expenses and global warming. Minimal traveling minimizes air pollution in the environment. The respective reader is now invited to bombard his mind with humongous merits of coupons. If your budget doesn’t allow shopping from luxurious brands, visit trading websites to discover social coupons and order the same product at comparatively lower prices. Help can also be taken from the newest launched type of discounts in the Australian market, called beacon coupons. These dynamic coupons can be customized to the shopper’s prior purchases statistics. Here are also coupon codes latest trends & statistics.

Favoring the customers first 

The folks and millennial of the digital era are freaking out coupon savviness. Adding a piece of general information for the customers, scientists have concluded that discount offers make people blissful which have a directly proportional effect on the scale of sales. Well-timed and well-placed coupons have helped stores in balancing their profits and boosting their rankings. Once a customer avail discounts from any specific brands, he or she definitely revisit again to shop with minimal expenses. Many Australian online stores acknowledged the increase in the cart sizes from dollars 100 to 200, highlighting significant expansion in the sales. It helps customers in satisfying their reliability issues when experimenting with the brands by making low key purchases. By experimenting with the quality of services and products, a customer can decide wisely for making future attachments with the brand. Hence, it is proved that discounts help in maintaining affinity between the customer and the brand. It is an ideal method of lowering expenses by negating extravagance. The saved amount can be invested in some form of emergencies and necessities of family and life. It surely uplifts the saving quota. Continuous shopping from the stores through discount offers adds the customers in the list of regular purchases which further guarantees more discounts offer to the specific bunch of shoppers.  Average livelihood earning families in Australia have started relying on the coupons of food, healthcare, and clothing stores. This helps them in saving a major part of their income for education expenses.  Who doesn’t like discounts on special yearly events like Christmas, New Year, and Easter?  Multiple digital coupons are displayed by clothing, dĂ©cor, cosmetics, and grocery brands during the pre and post event hype. 

How to remain updated with coupon offers of your favorite stores?

Australia has numerous trading sites dedicated to providing discounts and coupons of leading brands worldwide. The simple way is to remain connected with the website through notifications. Follow your favorite stores or brands on social media to grab all recent updates about the discount vouchers. On the safe side, do subscribe to them and get notified through emails. One may also download the brand app from play stores or Istores to make shopping effective. Additionally, the store sometimes itself provides promo codes offer to its customers when they pass the limit of the specific amount of shopping. The easiest and quickest way among all of the above is to make a search on GOOGLE, like “RECENT COUPONS OFFERS IN AUSTRALIA”. Easy isn’t? Never mind. 

Just to add in your information: “31 Billion e-Coupons will be retrieved globally by the end of 2019.” 

Why stores neglect the idea of discounts and coupons? 

It is a myth that discounting only benefits customers as in reality it has an equal contribution to the sales of the brand. Ease in marketing is created by launching coupon details on various websites, ads, Facebook, and other hyped social media platform. This form of customer client engagement results in automatic brand awareness which streamlines high conversion rates and ROI. Discounts for limited time span create urgencies among the fans of the brand and sudden increase in the sales is observed so it is a clever way to wipe the stock away. Many large corporations like food manufacturers and health care stores in Australia runs monthly discounts through promo codes to clear the less sold dense stock. 

With no doubt, the coupon is a powerful promotional tool so design them with splendid creativity and attractions just like a large scale. Nicely created, well-presented, and well-marketed coupons catch much attention of the consumers rather than a plain one. All these factors simultaneously contribute to increasing the overall traffic on the website as according to an observation made by large corporations, more than 70% of Aussies have responded excitedly for coupon offers than the simple debit or credit card deals. The reason for such drastic attention is because of the easy accessibility and affordability of digital vouchers. There is no expense of marketing and launching them because, with minimal word of mouths, the business can outreach to a mass audience and set up a dense customer database. Other hidden treasures of couponing include that they can be personalized to limited areas like cities or districts. Hence, time and money are saved from wastage. Australian marts are taking full advantage of this opportunity to creating smooth relations with customers, memorable shopping experiences, and reliable business image. Such different strategies for attracting new customers can also be timely customized. Depending on the company and stock, they can adjust the expiry date of the discounts according to their requirement of profits and sales. Such deals are better left on discount offers for a longer span. However, it is to make specific that coupons and sales that last for a long duration discourage shoppers from repeating the choice of stores. It is not necessary that coupons are only limited to a specific type. It can be categorized in multiple forms:

- Buy one get one free coupon

- Multi-buys

- Printed Discounts

- Free shipping coupons 

- Percentage off like 20% or 30%

- ZZZ Dollars off

Conditional vouchers like “ Buy and save on another item”and Spend and earn loyalty”, 

Having variance in the coupon offerings create flexibility for the businesses to run and earn as it encourages customers for search coupons on the website with different names rather than just waiting for a printed discount voucher. Quoting a business trick of the very well-known website of Australia, All the Deals, which regularly compute deals from more than 100 coupon websites and then make adjustments according to their sales, stock, and locations. 

Mentioning the carefulness when launching coupons in parallel; according to a survey of 150 business in Australia, 40 percent of them entitle the strategy of discounts piffling and unsupportive because of significant loss in business. The company has to be highly careful in doing math’s and being accurate to its profits and sales calculations. 

Will the Australian e-coupon industry continue to evolve?

Hopefully, by now, the need and merits of coupons in everyday life have been understood vividly. Many of your millions Australian fellows use their gadgets like laptops and smartphones for searching best-discounted deals. Voucher industries are evergreen and expanding firms rising to the worth of $33 million in Australia. 48% of Aussies have voucher and trading apps downloaded on their devices to stay updated with any form of coupon launchings. In this hype, the printed codes are getting obsoleted day by day as the game has been completely transformed by digital coupons. This has bought much relaxation to the stressed economy of Australia as millions of dollars are getting generated by e-commerce.

In this age of future driven technology, digital coupons are the best answer for a successful retailing.  Australian market of food and grocery, cosmetics, and clothing are running behind couponing strategies with a flying leap.

Sales of a large number of miscellaneous products on low prices have assisted in reducing the levels of the recession in Australia by contributing revenue generation in the economy. However, some useful pieces of tips are mentioned below to save yourself from engaging in deceitful coupon campaigns:

- Check the coupon expiry date

- Validate the stock of the specific coupon beforehand

- Never exceed the coupon limit

- Always look for coupons on online stores when buying grocery and food items 

- Abstain from buying highly expensive items in the coupon cart

By Manoar Molla - July 26, 2021

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