EXEED Highlights its 'New Energy, New Eco, New Era' Vision at the Ecological Concept Conference

EXEED Highlights its 'New Energy, New Eco, New Era' Vision at the Ecological Concept Conference By Sruthi Nair - May 12, 2024


Silver Lake Motors - a subsidiary of Al Mana Holding - is thrilled to introduce EXEED’s commitment to integrating luxury with environmental stewardship, revealed during a recent press conference held in Wuhu. The event themed ‘New Energy • New Eco • New Era’, presented a series of innovative vehicles and highlighted eco-friendly products. The conference gathered industry experts, media, and eco-conscious consumers to discuss the integration of cutting-edge technologies and sustainable practices into the lifestyle of modern consumers. During the event, Qin Chao, CEO of EXEED, elaborated on the transformative vision of the company, "We are no longer just drivers; we are participants in a co-creative process, expressing ourselves through customized features and intelligent vehicle equipment that meet our detailed, lifestyle-oriented needs,". He further stated, “This philosophy shapes how EXEED designs vehicles as extensions of the owner's lifestyle and values, not just modes of transport.


Cultivating Deeper Customer Connections

Furthering this vision, Qin discussed EXEED's unique market approach, which avoids traditional sales-driven strategies and instead focuses on cultivating deeper relationships with customers through shared values and lifestyles. "Our goal is to build deeper connections, not just with cars but through a shared lifestyle and values," he noted, pointing to the company's dedication to innovation and quality over mere volume. Qin proudly shared that over 180,000 global car owners have embraced EXEED's vision, motivated by the brand's dedication to quality and sustainability. This growing community underscores the market's shift towards brands that offer both environmental consciousness and exceptional service.

Pioneering New Energy Vehicle Models

The conference spotlighted three new models of EXEED, each designed with specific consumer experiences in mind:

The new VX: "Our tribute to a classic, blending timeless design with modern luxury," Qin Chao remarked, showcasing the model's fusion of heritage with contemporary aesthetics and technology. The VX promises a sophisticated driving experience, catering to consumers seeking both tradition and modernity in their vehicles.

The RX PHEV: Described as "the soul-mate for light off-roading and outdoor sports, encouraging you to explore new journeys and enjoy the beauty of nature." This model appeals to adventurous spirits looking for sustainability combined with power and style, perfectly suited for diverse landscapes and lifestyles.

The all-electric Sedan ES: Introduced as a symbol of sophisticated ecological living. "The ES promotes a lifestyle that establishes a deep connection with the natural world," Qin stated, highlighting how the vehicle integrates eco-friendly technology with the luxury of space and design to enhance outdoor experiences.

During the annual meeting of dealers, EXEED invited global dealers and media partners to experience a firsthand test drive of these cutting-edge new energy vehicles in Wuhu, showcasing the hybrid RX PHEV and the all-electric EXLANTiX ES and ET models.

RX PHEV: Engineering Excellence in Hybrid Technology

The RX PHEV features a pioneering 3-speed hybrid drive system, employing dual motors for optimal power distribution in varying conditions. In cities, it operates entirely on electric power for an emissions-free ride, while on highways, it efficiently switches to hybrid mode, utilizing the combustion engine for enhanced range and power. With a pure electric range of 160 km and a staggering combined range of 1,300 km, the RX PHEV is an ideal choice for both urban and long-distance driving. Its specialized hybrid engine boasts an exceptional 44.5% thermal efficiency, reducing fuel consumption and emissions in line with global environmental standards. With the RX PHEV’s priority to safety, it becomes the first in its category to utilize CATL's latest M3P battery technology, supporting a broad temperature operating range and enabling high-speed response and impressive acceleration capabilities. The chassis, designed exclusively for hybrid applications, features a flat-panel large battery placement that optimizes vehicle balance and dynamics, combined with advanced CDC (Continuous Damping Control) and a chassis hydraulic vibration isolation system, ensuring a stable and comfortable drive, even on rough terrains.

EXLANTiX ES: Defining the Future of Electric Sedans

The EXLANTiX ES, built on the advanced E0X platform, integrates high-end technology and luxury, competing with the best in the global market. Its stellar safety ratings from C-NCAP, Euro NCAP, and Latin NCAP affirm its build quality and effective safety systems, while its agile handling and ultra-low wind resistance contribute to its efficiency and dynamic performance. Powered by a SiC high-power permanent magnet synchronous three-in-one electric drive, the ES delivers a powerful and smoothly exhilarating acceleration, reflecting its sporty spirit. The chassis, crafted from lightweight aluminum, contributes to a highly rigid body with intuitive responsiveness and enhanced balance and stability. Inside, the ES’s spacious interior rivals luxury sedans, with air springs and CDC-Quiet technology providing a plush and whisper-quiet ride, isolating passengers from external noise. The intelligent heat pump air conditioner maintains cabin comfort efficiently, catering to both energy savings and passenger comfort.

EXLANTiX ET: A New Dimension of Comfort and Technology

The ET offers a spacious interior surpassing others in its class, with an impressive 78% room rate. The ‘zero pressure space’ promise is evident, especially with the expansive rear seating and the 1.5 square meter panoramic skylight, transforming the cabin into a serene ‘mobile starry sky room’. Equipped with CDC+ air suspension as standard, the ET effectively filters out road irregularities, ensuring a controlled and comfortable ride rivaling luxury sedans. The cabin is whisper-quiet, thanks to comprehensive  insulation, and the advanced sound system adds to the serene environment. The ET's intelligent three-zone climate control system maintains an ideal cabin temperature, subtly adjusting to outside conditions without noticeable changes inside, preserving a consistent comfort level. The ambient lighting, adjustable in 256 colors, allows for personalization according to mood or preference. Safety is also a top priority in the ET, meeting the stringent global safety standards. Its comprehensive safety features include advanced materials and design that protect passengers from collisions and ensure the integrity of the battery system even under extreme conditions. The car's intelligent safety systems, such as automatic emergency braking and pedestrian detection, provide peace of mind, making it an ideal choice for families and safety-conscious drivers.

Echoing the timeless words of Coco Chanel, "Fashion fades, only style remains," Qin Chao concluded the conference with emphasizing upon Exceeds’ commitment to creating products that are not only environmentally responsible but also hold a lasting aesthetic and functional appeal, reshaping  electric vehicle consumer expectations.

Customers are warmly welcome to delve into the EXEED line up by visiting the flagship showroom located in West Walk Doha, a symbol of sophistication and elegance. For more information or to arrange your test drive, stop by the EXEED showroom or call 800 111

By Sruthi Nair - May 12, 2024
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