Everything you need to know about AFC Asian Cup Qatar 2023

Everything you need to know about AFC Asian Cup Qatar 2023 By A Robin - October 12, 2023
Qatar Stadium

Qatar Stadium

The Local Organising Committee (LOC) for the AFC Asian Cup Qatar 2023 held a press conference on October 10, announcing ticket sales and outlining important points for the upcoming tournament. 

As the host country moves closer to the date of the mega-event, the organisers have also compiled Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for the benefit of spectators. 

What are the available ticket categories? 

All prices are in Qatar Riyals.

Opening Match    
Cat 1    250
Cat 2    100
Cat 3    30
Accessibility 30

Group Stage and Round of 16
Cat 1    60
Cat 2    40
Cat 3    25
Accessibility 25

Quarter Final and Semi Final
Cat 1    100
Cat 2    60
Cat 3    30
Accessibility 30

Cat 1    250
Cat 2    100
Cat 3    30
Accessibility 30

Where can I purchase tickets?

Tickets for all matches can be purchased in one of the following ways:
Online at http://tickets.qfa.qa/afc2023

How do I buy my ticket online?

You can buy your ticket online by following these 6 easy steps:
Visit http://tickets.qfa.qa/afc2023
Select your preferred:
Match (e.g., Qatar v Lebanon)
Number of tickets
You will be asked to log in if you have previously registered your details with the Qatar Football Association or you can complete a quick form with your details to register
Enter your valid credit card details at the payment gateway page

Check your registered email address for a booking confirmation email, so that you can access your online ticket (print at home or use as mobile ticket)
Print at home or download a mobile ticket

Where else can I get tickets for the AFC Asian Cup Qatar 2023 and how do I know it’s a legitimate sales channel?

Do not purchase tickets via unauthorized sales channels.  
No website other than http://tickets.qfa.qa/afc2023 will be selling tickets for the tournament. 
If you see any other website offering tickets for the AFC Asian Cup 2023, you can be certain that it is not a legitimate sales channel. 

Tickets purchased via unauthorized sales channels (for example, unauthorized intermediaries such as ticket brokers, internet auctions, internet ticket agents, or other unofficial ticket exchange platforms) are not valid and are subject to cancellation at any time without notice. Upon request from the Local Organising Committee (LOC) and the AFC, ticket holders must explain how, from whom, for what price and from where they obtained their tickets.

Kindly be advised that any ticket that is cancelled may not grant access to the match(es) in the respective stadium(s) in Qatar. Please further note that LOC and AFC expressly reject any liability with respect to its rightful cancellation of ticket(s) and reserves all its rights in this regard.

To avoid future issues, we strongly recommend that you only purchase tickets via official sales channels and avoid any unauthorized source offering tickets.

Why Mobile Tickets? 

Less person-to-person contact 
Environmentally friendly - No need to print tickets; you can just present your phone upon entry into the stadium
No waiting in line 
Tickets can never get lost in the mail

Why have I not yet received my mobile tickets? 

First, check to make sure you have used the correct email address
Check your junk mail folder; if necessary, add our email address, tickets@asiancup2023.qa, to your list of trusted email addresses
Although emails generally arrive instantly, please allow at least a few minutes after your process is completed successfully for your tickets to arrive

How do mobile tickets differ from regular tickets?

The ticket that is emailed to you is a valid ticket just like a printed ticket. Each ticket contains a unique code that is scanned at the event. If copies are made of the ticket, only the first one that is scanned will be allowed entry.

How do I use my e-ticket?

Your e-ticket is considered as a regular ticket, and you don’t need to exchange it at the venue. You need to present the e-ticket at the venue so that it can be scanned.  If you wish to print the ticket at home, then you need to print it on an A4 sized paper.

What if I am having trouble getting internet access when I try to scan my mobile tickets? 

Downloading tickets to your Apple, Samsung, or Google Pay wallets will make it so internet access is not necessary when you arrive at the event. Once you do so, you will be able to pull them up at any time without Internet connectivity as long your phone has battery life. 

How can I pay for my tickets?

Online ticket purchases can only be made by credit card, debit card, google pay and apple pay.

Are there any accessible tickets available for disabled fans?

Yes. There are accessible tickets available for all matches. Disabled fans and those with limited mobility can choose their Accessibility Tickets (ATs) online.
Please purchase ATs and share any accessibility requests with tickets@asiancup2023.qa.

Where and when can I try to resell my ticket(s) if any of my guest(s) or I cannot attend a match?

If you or any of your guest(s) cannot attend a match, you can put some or all your tickets up for resale on the Official Ticket Resale Platform 

Where can I buy food and beverages?

There will be a dedicated food and beverage stand at each venue.

Where can I park my car?

Spectators are requested to secure a parking space at the surrounding area of the venue.

How can I cancel my ticket?

Please refer to the Terms & Conditions in the ticketing website. No cancellations or refunds are possible.

For further queries, spectators can contact the Customer Service team at tickets@asiancup2023.qa.

By A Robin - October 12, 2023

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