England players Adopt Dave, a Stray Cat From Qatar After World Cup Exit

England players Adopt Dave, a Stray Cat From Qatar After World Cup Exit By Aulia Silva - December 12, 2022
England players Adopt Dave a Stray Cat From Qatar After World Cup Exit

Dave the cat

Even though Team England did not win the World Cup, Dave, a nice stray cat from Qatar, was a truly precious guest that Team England brought home.

When the Three Lions team landed in Qatar for the FIFA World Cup, Dave the Cat had already established himself as a popular member of the base camp. By referring to the affectionate cat as Dave and designating him as the unofficial mascot of the national team, the team's defenders, Kyle Walker and John Stones in particular, had grown fond of the cat.

"The first day we got there, we've got like a little table around the corner," Stones recalls meeting Dave the Cat for the first time.  

"Next minute, Dave pops out."

"Then every night he's sat there waiting for his food."

The local nonprofit Qatar Animal Welfare Society (QAWS), which works to rescue, treat, and rehome animals in Qatar, learned about Dave's visit to the team's base camp and how well he was getting along with the members. QAWS left a cat gift basket filled with necessities and goodies to the Three Lions hotel as a token of thanks.

"When this young cat noticed the local hotel had some guests he thought he'd try his luck and join them for dinner and what a good move that turned out to be," QAWS wrote on Instagram recently. 

"Dave is one lucky cat and his future now looks very bright."

The Manchester City duo won't be saying their last goodbyes to Dave despite England losing to the defending champions France at Al Bayt Stadium on Saturday, as they have chosen to adopt and bring him back to the UK.

"Yes, it's official, Dave is going home," QAWS announced today on Instagram.

"As he's going to the UK Dave will be patiently waiting out his 4 months as he prepares for his new life. Some of his time will be spent checking his fan mail, who knew he would need a press secretary," added QAWS.

Dave was two hours behind the squad when they left Qatar yesterday. First, Dave will visit a nearby veterinary facility to have a blood test and vaccines. Prior to rejoining with Stones and Walker, he would likewise be quarantined for four months.


By Aulia Silva - December 12, 2022

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