Emirati astronaut shares picture of Qatar from space

Emirati astronaut shares picture of Qatar from space By A Robin - May 22, 2023
Qatar from Space

Qatar from Space

Sultan Al-Neyadi, an Emirati astronaut, published a stunning photo from space through his Instagram account showing Qatar.

Commenting on the photo, Al Neyadi said, “The heart of the Gulf…and the pearl of the Gulf, Bahrain and Qatar seen from space.”

And he added: “May God bless them and our Gulf with goodness and glory, and keep them safe and secure.”

Since arriving at the International Space Station, the Emirati astronaut has been keen to post stunning views of Earth from space, in addition to sharing some challenges and accomplishments.

About two months ago, Sultan Al Neyadi, as part of the “Crew-6” team, launched a scientific mission to the space station.

Al-Neyadi is engaged in the longest scientific mission for Arabs in space, which will last six consecutive months on the space station. He will participate in scientific experiments in 10 vital domains for the duration of the mission.

By A Robin - May 22, 2023

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