Embellie Ladies Salon - Boutique Hair Salon and Day Spa

Embellie Ladies Salon - Boutique Hair Salon and Day Spa By Atif Ansari - December 13, 2021
Embellie Ladies Salon

Embellie Ladies Salon

Address:  Villa 56, Al Nasr Street, Doha

Phone: (Whatsapp) 7010 8988, 44423883

Email: hello@embellie.me 

Open: Sunday to Tuesday from 9am to 9pm.

Embellie is a women’s boutique salon, day spa, beauty product shop that marries expertise, luxury, and affordability. They have a holistic approach to beauty. Their services range from hair care (Afro-Arab, Caucasian) to nails, waxing, massages and other spa services. They are one of the first salon in Qatar to specialize in highly textured (Afro-Arab) or black hair. Braiding, Weaves, Twists, Locks, Relaxing, Cutting, Colouring, Relaxing, Perms and Blowouts are all available, using products that are kind to skin and hair. Their boutique is a contemporary, chic space where the modern woman can have her beauty fixes, get professional advice, relax, read, work and shop. Overall wellbeing and excellent customer service are our utmost priorities. They deliver professional results through our experienced, well skilled staff and best quality products, as we cater for home and salon services.

By Atif Ansari - December 13, 2021

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