Eight Authentic Qatari Food You Must Try

Eight Authentic Qatari Food You Must Try By Qatar Day - December 10, 2021
Eight Authentic Qatari Food You Must Try

Eight Authentic Qatari Food You Must Try

Qatar is place where you can see a blend of various nationalities and this is best reflected in the types of cuisines available in the country. Qatari cuisine itself has strong influences of Indian, Iranian, Levantine and North African cuisines. The imprint of Arab culture and Bedouin tradition is so strong that many Arab dishes like Hummus, Tabouleh or kebabs are very popular in Qatar.

Yet, it has many unique dishes in its plate to offer without which your experience in this Arabian peninsular country would be incomplete, whether you are a newly arrived resident or a tourist. Let’s take look at some of the authentic Qatari dishes. 

1. Machboos

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Machboos is considered as the national food in Qatar and most popular in a Qatari home. Also known as Kabsa, this biryani like dish includes meat and vegetables with spiced rice. Any marinated meat or seafood can be mixed in it. With lemon juice and rose water sprinkled on top, this aromatic food is simply irresistible.  

2. Harees

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A favorite during the month of Ramadan and festivals, Harees is made by mixing boiled or coarsely ground wheat with meat and butter. It can be made either as porridge or a dumpling. Garnished with cinnamon and cardamom, this food is good for health also. 

3. Madrouba

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Another food used for breaking fast during Ramadan, this porridge is similar to harees, but made with rice. Rice is cooked along with milk and butter and chicken is stewed along with mashed beans. This creamy porridge when flavored with cardamom will be a delicious treat.

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4. Balaleet

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Balaleet is the most common breakfast dish, easily made with fried vermicelli noodles. It is cooked with sugar, cinnamon, saffron and cardamom, giving it contrasting flavors of sweet and savoury. Adding some nuts can make it crunchy also. This food can be served cold or hot depending on your mood! Balaleet is usually eaten along with an omelet.   

5. Thareed

Thareed - a vegetarian twist to a traditional Qatari dish


Known as the Qatari lasagna, it’s made with vegetables blended with chicken or lamb and pieces of bread soaked in stew placed at the bottom. A variety of vegetables like potatoes carrots, beans, onions and others are used in the blend. The dish is served covering with tomato sauce and spices. 

6. Margoog

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Another dish with a mix of vegetables and meat, this is rich in fiber and vitamins. Zucchini, carrots, eggplant, tomatoes and potatoes are used with tender meat in its preparation. Thin layers of raw bread dough, cut into pieces and boiled to soak up the entire flavor, is also included in it. 

7. Mehalabiyya

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A dessert traditionally made from ground rice milk, this light and smooth dish is perfect to end the night. You can improvise on this dish and made it using many other flavors. Suitable toppings and rose water will give you added taste.  

8. Luqaimat

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Another option for dessert, this soft-on-inside-crunchy-on-outside dish is nothing but deep fried dough dipped in syrup or honey. This is also a Ramadan special dish. Butter, milk, flour, sugar, saffron and cardamom will all go in the preparation of this dessert. 

By Qatar Day - December 10, 2021

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