Effectiveness Of Using Finasteride For Male Pattern Baldness

Effectiveness Of Using Finasteride For Male Pattern Baldness By Pratham Chhabra - June 08, 2021
Effectiveness Of Using Finasteride For Male Pattern Baldness

Effectiveness Of Using Finasteride For Male Pattern Baldness

Like, any other health issue hair loss is one of the most common and actively prevailing problems in many people globally. But at the same time, it can be taken care of if immediate measures are taken to prevent and reduce it. For this reason, the religious use of finasteride has proven to be extremely effective in the hair regrowth and prevention of hair fall. 

In this article, we will try to pull all the required information about the finasteride to give a clear view of the product to maximize the results.

Background of finasteride

Finasteride was first developed by Merck Corporation after receiving approval from MHRA and is mainly used for hair fall issues and overgrown prostate in men. The product is sold under the brand name Propecia and Proscar. It is easily available to all through online and offline stores and can be used to cure multiple problems.

This medicine is available in the form of tablets and can not be obtained by the National Health Service in the UK although private prescriptions can help you acquire it.

What do you understand by Male Pattern Baldness?

Male pattern baldness is known as androgenetic alopecia in the medical world is a commonly diagnosed disease in men. As per the stats mostly 2 out of every 3 men suffer from this hair issue by the age they reach their mid-thirties. The rate of hair loss can be prevented if sorted in time at an earlier age. However, delayed detection of this problem has very less chances of being cured. 

MPHL is related to the production of hair by the follicles. Sadly, baldness is directly linked with the unhealthy production of thinner and fewer hair by the follicles which later leads to severe hair problems like MPHL. A healthy follicle must produce strong hair and the cycle of the hair must last up to three to five years before shedding and welcoming new growth.

Production or reduction of hair is all a game of genes and hormones. Apart from that, lack of healthy nutrition that supports hair growth is also one of the most prominent reasons why people suffer through hair issues. Stress and a busy lifestyle is also a major reason for hair fall issues, where most working people, especially men have been facing this issue. Healthy or weak growth of hair runs in the blood. The main hormone that plays a key role to bring variations in the function of the hair follicles is called dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This actually shrinks to the size of the hair follicles that make them weak and eventually making them incapable to regrow hair. 

Role of Finasteride to  Prevent Male Pattern Hair Loss

Now that we know the production of DHT miniaturizes the hair follicle eventually leading to baldness, we need something to stop this process here finasteride comes in handy. Finasteride is a DHT blocker that stops the conversion of testosterone into DHT  hence helping to prevent hair loss condition. It has been found to be very effective against the problem of hair fall and can be used immediately after early detection.

However, one needs to make sure that the tablet is taken religiously without absents to avoid the production of DHT in the body. If not continued then, in that case, DHT will start damaging the hair follicle resulting in hair loss again. The recommended dose is one tablet a day at least for three months to observe the promising results. If in any case the result is not showing for a long period of a year or more then it is advised to reconsider your option of hair treatment. As per many researches, Finasteride has been effective in cases where people have started using it in early stages and have shown some remarkable results. Although regular dosage and consumption is the key, one should consult a doctor before doing so. Also, it should only be taken in cases where the doctors prescribe them.

As every medicine has some side effects, the same goes for finasteride pills, hence it is ideal to read the drug’s literature before you start consuming. Furthermore it is not recommended for expected as well as nursing mothers because it fluctuates the hormonal levels in the system. 

By Pratham Chhabra - June 08, 2021

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