Earthna Introduces $1 Million Global Sustainability Award on Earth Day

Earthna Introduces $1 Million Global Sustainability Award on Earth Day By Sruthi Nair - April 23, 2024
Earthna Global Sustainability Award

Earthna Global Sustainability Award

The Earthna Centre for a Sustainable Future, affiliated with Qatar Foundation (QF), unveiled a groundbreaking global sustainability award on Earth Day, aiming to spotlight innovative approaches to environmental stewardship integrating traditional wisdom with modern solutions.

Named the Earthna Prize, this biennial initiative seeks to broaden, educate, and mobilize the global environmental movement. With a focus on water resource management, food security, sustainable urbanism, and land stewardship, the prize awards $1 million to four outstanding organizations whose endeavors resonate with these thematic areas.

Hailing the initiative, H E Sheikha Hind bint Hamad Al Thani, Vice Chairperson and CEO of Qatar Foundation, emphasized its reverence for Indigenous ecological knowledge. She remarked, “The Earthna Prize celebrates and draws lessons from the profound ecological wisdom of Indigenous peoples, offering invaluable insights and practices that stand the test of time.”

Eligible applicants encompass non-governmental organizations, community collectives, and businesses, either self-nominated or proposed by others. The inaugural Earthna Prize is currently open for applications until June 30, according to Dr. Gonzalo Castro de la Mata, Executive Director of Earthna Centre, who spoke during a press briefing at QF headquarters.

Dr. Castro de la Mata highlighted the distinctive focus of the Earthna Prize compared to existing environmental accolades. He underscored, “Our prize sets itself apart by centering on traditional knowledge and cultural heritage. While typical environmental awards spotlight contemporary solutions, we delve into the wealth of wisdom amassed by communities worldwide, exploring its applicability to current challenges.”

He elaborated on the significance of preserving and acknowledging age-old practices, citing examples like community-driven water management techniques honed over generations. “We aim to prevent the loss of such invaluable knowledge, recognizing its relevance in addressing modern environmental crises,” he added.

The Earthna Prize will recognize winners in four categories every two years, with each recipient receiving $250,000. Dr. Castro de la Mata emphasized that the prize not only celebrates past achievements but also supports ongoing efforts. “Winners must demonstrate their commitment to utilizing the prize funds to further their initiatives, with subsequent monitoring and evaluation to ensure impactful outcomes,” he explained. 

The winners of the Earthna Prize will be unveiled at the Earthna Summit in April 2025, signaling a significant step forward in the global pursuit of sustainable practices rooted in both tradition and innovation.


Source: The Peninsula

By Sruthi Nair - April 23, 2024

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