EAA Launches Immediate Response Projects to Support 233,000 Affected People in Gaza Strip

EAA Launches Immediate Response Projects to Support 233,000 Affected People in Gaza Strip By A Robin - December 23, 2023
Response Projects

Response Projects

Under the initiative of HH Chairperson of Education Above All Foundation (EAA) Sheikha Moza bint Nasser, in a concerted effort to find immediate and practical solutions for providing humanitarian support in the Gaza Strip, the EAA, through its Al Fakhoora programme, and in collaboration with its partners has unveiled unprecedented measures to address the dire crisis in Gaza that include ground-breaking projects, encompassing immediate response, aimed at supporting over 233,000 children and youth affected by the ongoing conflict, with a total value of QR 33 million.

The announcement came in a press conference held Thursday at Education City with the participation of HE Director General of the Qatar Fund for Development Khalifa Jassim Al Kuwari, CEO of Qatar Charity Yousef Al Kuwari, CEO of the EAA Foundation Fahad Al Sulaiti, Acting Secretary-General of Qatar Red Crescent Society Faisal Mohammed Al Emadi, Assistant Director General of the General Endowments Department Muhammad bin Yaqoub Al Ali, Head of Student Services at the University of Doha for Science and Technology Hamad Al Hajri, Senior Gulf Advisor at Save the Children Maryam Farooqi, UNFPA Representative for the State of Palestine Dominic Allen, and UNICEF MENA Deputy Regional Director Marc Rubin.

The EAA foundation and its partners respond urgently to the critical needs in Gaza, providing several initiatives, mental health and psychosocial support to crisis-affected children, adolescents and those supporting them, providing hot meals for out-of-school children, and delivering essential hygiene and menstrual health kits for girls and women. With a primary focus on rebuilding hope through education, the Foundation plans to grant 100 scholarships to Palestinian children and youth in Qatar, strategically focusing on vital fields like medicine and engineering, which are essential for Gaza's recovery.

With collective action at the core of the EAA Foundation's efforts in Gaza, the initiative will address Gaza's complex challenges through innovative partnerships. This impactful package is set to be delivered with the support of the Qatar Fund for Development (QFFD) and The General Directorate of Endowments (AWQAF), the EAA Foundation and its partners, UNICEF, UNFPA, Save The Children, the University of Doha for Science and Technology, and a joint initiative between Qatar Red Crescent and Qatar Charity.

Recognizing the critical importance of mental health, the EAA Foundation is partnering with UNICEF to offer services to 51,000 individuals, including 35,000 children, 15,000 caregivers, and 1,000 frontline workers. This initiative aims to safeguard the mental well-being of those affected by the crisis.

The EAA Foundation is partnering with Save the Children International to distribute recreational and winterization kits, in addition to safe learning spaces for 8,000 children and 6,230 caregivers to help out-of-school children affected by the conflict resume their education.

In initiatives specialized in providing urgent relief by providing meals to 150,000 children and their families in the Gaza Strip, the Foundation will partner with Qatar Charity and the Qatar Red Crescent, as this initiative will ensure that children and their families receive daily meals for 30 days.

To ensure the continuity of quality education for affected young people, the EAA Foundation is providing 100 scholarships, to Palestinian children and youth in Qatar. Partnering with esteemed institutions such as the University of Doha for Science and Technology, these scholarships emphasize majors crucial for the future Medicine, Nursing, IT, and Engineering.

The EAA Foundation, securing funding from UNFPA, will distribute 15,000 health and menstrual hygiene kits to OOSC girls and women in the Gaza Strip. Additionally, 3,000 youth (aged 15-29) will be engaged in designing and implementing community initiatives targeting vulnerable internally displaced persons (IDPs) both in and outside of shelters.

CEO of EAA Foundation Fahad Al Sulaiti stated that the EAA, through its Al Fakhoora programme, remains steadfast in its dedication to providing unwavering support to those affected by the crisis in Gaza. Through collaborative efforts and innovative interventions, the EAA Foundation is committed to rebuilding lives and fostering hope in the hearts of those who need it the most.

The EAA calls for an immediate ceasefire, unimpeded humanitarian access, and accountability for attacks on educational institutions and UN facilities in Gaza, Al Sulaiti expressed. This commitment by the EAA reflects its determination to contribute to the region's peace and recovery process.


By A Robin - December 23, 2023

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