Dreama centre concludes 2021 summer programme

Dreama centre concludes 2021 summer programme By Qatar Day - August 31, 2021

Orphans Care Centre (Dreama)

The Orphans Care Centre (Dreama), which falls under the Qatar Social Work Foundation, concluded yesterday the activities of its summer programme for this year, “Children of Dreama 2021”, after achieving the desired goals.

Dreama officials confirmed in a statement that the “Children of Dreama 2021” summer activities seek to achieve several goals, including developing the talents of the centre's employees, spending useful recreational time and invest participants’ free time during summer time to their benefit, and work to translate the centre’s message by integrating children into society. They explained that the summer programme, which lasted for several weeks, included a package of various entertainment, educational and sports activities, and activities that enhance the basic skills of children, discover their creativity and expand their knowledge to suit all age groups of both genders.

Officials at Dreama also appreciated the efforts of all partners represented in those who supported this year’s summer programme and created a constructive cohesion that establishes the value of giving in order to achieve noble humanitarian goals, stressing the keenness and response of these entities and other institutions and companies to contribute to the activities of the centre, noting that the supporters have shown their constant willingness to be an active partner with Dreama.

The summer programme came with the participation of a number of supporting bodies, especially the Cultural Village Foundation (Katara), National Museum of Qatar (Education and Awareness Department), Qatar Shooting and Archery Association, and private parties. 

By Qatar Day - August 31, 2021

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