Doha Forum’s new View Point series hosts interviews

Doha Forum’s new View Point series hosts interviews By Qatar Day - August 10, 2021

Doha Forum’s new View Point series hosts interviews


The new View Point series of Doha Forum began conducting interviews with a variety of distinguished guests, and will continue weekly across the summer period on Doha Forum’s social media channels.

View Point is Doha Forum's own interview platform, providing the opportunity to ask leading political and industry figures from around the world some of the most topical questions of the day. Doha Forum’s successful series View Point interviewed a variety of notable and VIP guests, during the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF), Russia, last June. 

This week’s interviews began with Chairman and CEO of TotalEnergies Patrick Pouyanné, who is the first of nine such notable speakers. He spoke on the trends he sees dominating global interests, alongside TotalEnergies special relationship with the State of Qatar.

Commenting on TotalEnergies strategy in Qatar, CEO Patrick Pouyanné said, “we are in Qatar now for 85 years... and we are there now in new energies. We changed our name to TotalEnergies recently because it means all energies and we are in Qatar to build an 800 megawatt solar farm which will be inaugurated before year end, and so for me, Qatar is very important.”

He continued, “Tomorrow, Qatar should also think, and is already on the move with solar, towards this new world and new energies... I think it is important that Qatar continues to be in the lead of the new energy world.”

Regarding climate change, Pouyanné said, “We need a global world if we want to face climate change, because climate change is a global challenge and there is no way to solve the issue if we behave in a selfish way.”

First established at Doha Forum 2019, the View Point series has continued as part of Doha Forum’s virtual strategy, alongside a popular webinar series, prior to the next Doha Forum to be held in 2022.  

Doha Forum is a platform for global dialogue, first established in 2000, on critical challenges facing our world, promoting the interchange of ideas, discourse, policy making, and action-oriented recommendations.

Doha Forum last convened in Doha in December 2019, bringing together 243 speakers, 142 nationalities, 300 media personnel, alongside more than one hundred bilateral meetings and 40 View Point interviews.  In 2020 and 2021, Doha Forum continues virtually with a series of webinars featuring leading policymakers, experts and scholars, discussing pressing global issues.

By Qatar Day - August 10, 2021

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